thepuriTea Cold Brewed Series – #5 of 5 – Earl Grey

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my reviews of all five of thepuriTea cold brew teas. I left this one for last because truth be told Earl Grey teas sort of frighten me. I have had a few that I did enjoy but never usually enough to purchase some to keep on hand. The only exception is the Chocolate Earl Grey from Upton Teas. Trust me I really do want to like Earl Grey but for totally unusual reasons. It is Captain Picard’s drink of choice and I so wanted it to be mine too. I know I am I am such a geek but so very proud of it too. Now off to the notes.

Tea Name: Earl Grey

Tea Company: thepuriTea

Tea Notes: I wish I could share with you my impressions of this tea hot but honestly I have yet to try it hot. However, I am glad that I tried this cold brewed. It is such a lively tea. I can sense that the black tea base is of good quality. It is a base that doesn’t overtake the flavor of the bergamot in the tea. The bergamot is usually what turns me off to Earl Grey teas because in most cases I feel it is too strong and overbearing for me. I enjoyed this one because it wasn’t overwhelming. However, it isn’t a tea I would purchase again. I am however certain others would enjoy it. So in this case… “It’s not you Earl Grey…it’s me. Sorry, I just don’t think this is going to work out.”

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    Yngve Hauge says:

    Interesting review – now I just have to read the other 4, but that gotta be tomorrow as it is getting rather late here 😛

    I haven’t tried to cold steep a standard earl grey yet. I’ve tried 2 variants though – earl grey blue flower and french earl grey … both are really lovely but as you I haven’t tried the 2nd hot yet, but I got a little sample of it that I’m gonna try one of these days.

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