Tea-Fast: Day One – It Begins

Success (Almost There)
Tea-Fast: Day 1 – It Begins
Events of: 3/11/13
Written: 3/12/13

So far I’ve made it one day. It wasn’t terrible. The toughest part was replacing tea for something else. Driving home from dropping off my daughter to school my first thought was to make a cup of tea. Of course, then reality sunk in. So instead I have been drinking water mostly. My beverage options are limited. I can’t have anything with a lot of sugar and I am not a pop person.

I foresee the upcoming posts getting a little more dire but at the moment I can say I am doing alright. To help things along I am using an old bottle of Oi Ocha Dark and filled it with water. I am hoping psychologically I will get a false sensation of drinking tea.

Your encouragement online has been a great help. Even those who torture me with details about what tea they are enjoying. It’s okay, I love it. It pushes me to try even harder.

I am hoping that when things start to get a bit rough I could start writing a list of teas I’d like to purchase. Perhaps my gift to me would be a mini-tea shopping spree when I succeed.

Right now, I am doing well but still crave it. Being that drinking tea is almost a reflex it is an obvious change to my life style.

Thanks everyone for your support. You know who you are!

Oh and you instigators…I’ve got my eye on you.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on tisanes?

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    Jackie says:

    Let’s hope that you’re not going to spark off a big trend with everyone willing to stay off tea. I see hundreds of online tea stores closing before the month is out. Disaster! Please end up saying that it was the worst experience of your life and only thoughts of your Sweet Velvet Fog kept you alive during this time of gloom and doom.

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