Lemon English Breakfast Martini

If you want a real tea martini this is it! It just came to me and I was compelled to experiment. Little did I know I’d nail it on the first try. I dare you to try this and not like it. I will be adding this to my list of “must have” drinks. Plus it is a great way to use up those unwanted tea bags. I get them gifted to me often and sometime can’t find a use for them. I will drink them in a pinch but I like this much better.

Lemon English Breakfast Martini
Lemon English Breakfast Martini Recipe
Lemon English Breakfast Martini Supplies
Supplies Needed:
Martini Shaker
Martini Glass
Measuring Cup with ounce measurements

2 oz Good Vodka (I used Grey Goose)
½ oz Fresh Lemon and wedge
2 pumps Pure Cane Sugar
2 oz Super Concentrated English Breakfast Tea (I used 2 Bags of Bentley’s English Breakfast) steeped for 4 mins

Put ice into the martini shaker. Add all of the freshly steeped tea and shake until cold.
Next add remaining ingredients into the shaker.
Shake vigorously and pour into your martini glass and enjoy.

Warning: This makes a pretty full glass so be careful when pouring or make a little less or a little more and share with a friend.

Enjoy and Drink Responsibly!

Recipe Created By: Rachana Rachel Carter

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Hi, my name is Rachana Rachel Carter.I am a long time tea addict, foodie, and wine enthusiast. Along with all my passions at the core I am a huge health and fitness advocate.Plus a bit of a geek and as crafty as can be.
When I am not running after the kids, managing the household, and homeschooling my oldest I enjoy blogging about my passions and how it applies to my life.

Thank you for reading!
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