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Halfway Through

 - by iheartteas

I am just about halfway through this Bahama vacation and I am honestly starting to get home sick.  Believe it or not I actually miss cooking my own food and even some of the rituals I am used too.  I am sure you are saying…”Boo hoo, at least you are in a gorgeous place with plenty of sunshine and beaches everywhere.  I agree and I will probably miss this when I am back home.  The biggest challenge I am personally facing here is the lack of tea.  I haven’t found anything good outside of Starbucks and it isn’t the Tazo brand.  I have fallen in love with the China Green Tips and am also enjoying the English Breakfast.  Now that I finally have a microwave in my room I can heat water without messing with the coffee  maker which always makes me a bit nervous.  It isn’t how I do it at home but lets face it I am in survival mode.  So as it is for now I am missing my tea cabinet, cubbies, drawers, boxes, cubes, and bags that I have it all sorted in.  I will survive but still it is a little difficult.

As for the Bahamas I am staying on Paradise Island which is a part of Nassau and it is amazing everyday.  The weather is perfect.  I am beyond tan and my daughter officially has gills.  We spend everyday at the Atlantis Resort and we still haven’t seen it all.  Well, there is no rush since I have so much more time left to go.

*Sorry no time to spell check so sorry for any errors.

It’s a Bahamian Life

 - by iheartteas

A quick update.  My family and I are enjoying some time in the sun. We are taking time enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, the beach, shopping, and some relaxation.

I am keeping my shop open and will ship out orders early March.  I thank you for your patience.

I hope to do a little tea hunting here on Paradise Island and Nassau in the Bahamas.  I hope I find some interesting treasure.  I will be sure to report back with any new finds.

See you all soon. :)