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It’s a Bahamian Life

 - by iheartteas

A quick update.  My family and I are enjoying some time in the sun. We are taking time enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, the beach, shopping, and some relaxation.

I am keeping my shop open and will ship out orders early March.  I thank you for your patience.

I hope to do a little tea hunting here on Paradise Island and Nassau in the Bahamas.  I hope I find some interesting treasure.  I will be sure to report back with any new finds.

See you all soon. :)

Video Tea Review: Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea – Teavivre

 - by iheartteas

Today I am reviewing a Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea that was so kindly provided to me by Teavivre.  Haven’t been wowed by many Jasmine teas in the past and I think the biggest reason is the artificial feel to the cup.  Often times too much Jasmine makes it into the cup creating a strong perfume like flavor which is amazingly obvious.  I was pleasantly surprised with this cup and hope the same positive words can be said for the remaining samples I have yet to make.  This would be my second tea I have tasted from Teavivre.  Both have helped me to regain hope that one day you can find a good cup of tea especially in a varietal that you thought you never would.

After allowing the tea to cool slightly I have come up a great personal association for it… a cup you can enjoy in a meadow full of blooming flowers in a peaceful spot with the sun warming your skin and a calm breeze bringing you peace.

Score: 4 of 5


Thanks for watching. As you can see I am still in he experimental state with these videos.  I appreciate your support during my growth with this process.