Month: August 2011

I’m Back! Plus A Preview…

Thank you everyone for being patient. Over the next 2 days I will get orders packaged and shipped out on Monday morning. Plus, over the next week, as long as this terrible head cold doesn’t keep me at its mercy I will also be posting information of what turned into my “Tea Trek Thru Maine” I will also be listing… Read more →

Time To Clean The Kettles…

Well, it is about that time. My kettles need washing and the doilies need cleaning. Ok, honestly I don’t have any doilies. This is just my way of saying that any orders placed between 8/14 & 8/26 won’t be shipped out until the following week. I will be on vacation hunting for new teas to feature here on for… Read more →

SanctuaryT Iced Tea Contest Submission

Hi everyone, today I have decided to submit a cold brew recipe on the SanctuaryT website with the hope of winning the contest. Today I ask for your vote. It is a wonderful recipe that results in a creamy thirst quenching glass. Please check out my recipe for “Cold Brewed” Coconut Pouchong and please vote for me. Special thanks… Read more →

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