I’m Back! Plus A Preview…

Thank you everyone for being patient. Over the next 2 days I will get orders packaged and shipped out on Monday morning. Plus, over the next week, as long as this terrible head cold doesn’t keep me at its mercy I will also be posting information of what turned into my “Tea Trek Thru Maine” I will also be listing some new teas for purchase found along the way. I am certain a few if not all will strike your fancy.

As a preview, I started my trip to Maine knowing I was there to watch my lovely Neice get married to a wonderful man with the help of my beautiful daughter, the flower girl. At the same time visit family and try to relax, with special emphasis on “try.” I had decided to search for tea if I had the time in between my trip priorities. I had hopes of finding a couple of tea shops at least. I started my search online as usual and requested recommendations on Twitter. Based on my results it appeared there really weren’t may places to be found. I was very disappointed but at that point I decided that if I found tea, great but if I didn’t not to worry. After all finding tea would be a bonus.

Luckily, I found many surprises. Many gems that grabbed the essence of Maine and what tea means to their frequent visitors. There were way more tea shops than expected. All very unique and special in it’s own way. So what started as an unlikely place for tea turned into an abundance of variety, good people, and great teas. Most places were off the beaten path, discovered thru recommendation of locals, or found by accident. One found by a wonderful tea friend on Twitter. Needless, to say it was exciting. I made new friends and got to try new teas.

I hope I have gotten you excited for what’s to come…

Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses

  1. Katrina says:

    I’m so glad your trip was so wonderful. Congratulations to your niece and I can’t wait to hear about your finds!

  2. Xavier says:

    Essence of Maine? I am curious about that.

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