thepuriTea Cold Brew Series #3 of 5 – Assam

Day #3 and I have decided to try the Assam. I have been battling a mild migraine and some intestinal pain so I thought the best tea for me would be a simple one. I am glad I tried this one. It was most definitely what the doctor ordered.

Tea Name: Assam

Tea Company: thepuriTea

Tea Notes: Perfectly simple. Nothing complex, no depth to the flavor, nothing amazingly unique about this tea. However, please do not misunderstand it is a welcomed change. The Assam is simple, bright, well rounded, and most importantly thirst quenching. I needed something to satisfy my thirst and this did the trick. So if you are wanting something simple, uncomplicated but still delicious this may be the Assam for you.

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  1. bigfacebrian says:

    Yeah Rachel, those are my thoughts exactly about Assam in general. It’s usually malty goodness and takes cream and sugar well in the morning as well as making a tasty iced tea.

    I’m surprised to hear that your were drinking it for “a mild migraine and some intestinal pain”. I find that it can frequently can give me a headache and stomach ache! 🙂 Although, this is probably due to my low tolerance to caffeine more than anything.

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