Taking A Hobby To The Next Level…

Well, I am taking the plunge and stepping it up and turning my love for tea a little something more. I will try my best to keep you posted with all my doings. I plan on taking this slow because I want to do it right. I want to do this for myself, my family and mostly I want to do something I truly love and spread my love of tea to all that will let me. Here are a few of the steps I have taken…

1. My NEW Company Name: TeaGeeks or Tea Geeks can’t decide if I want the space between the words or not. Maybe you guys can help me out with that.

2. My new website is… www.TeaGeeks.com If you go to the website now you will be redirected to my blog www.MyTeasandMore.com which is also currently being mirrored on www.Teatra.de I hope to be working with a friend soon to build my new website but until then I will have a complete listing of teas available on www.TeaGeeks.com

3. I have selected to work with 2 specific tea vendors and will eventually add more to my list once funds are available. Again, I am taking this slow.

4. My primary goal right now is to offer sample tea collections with the intention to sell larger quanities not to exceed 2oz at this point.

I don’t have a lot of money to invest as stated in my previous blog I only have $500 to devote. I hope to put in more as things move along. With your support I am sure I will will be able to devote more time and money and hopefully expand to blending my own tea.

Until then I am still in hobby mode and hope one day to be in a true business mode.

Share your thoughts with me. Tell me if you like the name and if you like the space or not.

Thanks for reading.

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