and the Winners are…

Before I get to the nitty gritty, I first wanted to thank everyone that participated. This was by far the most successful contest I have run. What I mean by successful was the amount of chatter surrounding it, number of site visits, comments, and the overall pure energy around it. Thanks to you, I can say with pride… “You like me, you really like me!” Well, at least I hope you do if not that’s fine just “no tea for you.” Ha-Ha!

The focus of the contest was to learn about “Why you love tea?” With so many great responses I just had to highlight a few of my favorites.

“I started drinking tea about 3 & 1/2 years ago, and the word I typically use to describe this transition is “revolutionary.” Everything about tea is appealing to me from the comforting warmth of the mug to the soothing chilled glass. Practically every other drink has its peak yet monotonous taste, whereas tea allows the brewer to experiment for new blends as well as providing variety depending on your mood – AND the nuances of each steep make drinking tea an experience rather than a thoughtless activity. I love the ritual of making a cup by hand as well as the modern efficiency of the Breville maker. I have turned my friends onto tea and their family members as well, and perhaps more than any other, it is the true communal drink. Drinking tea has both become a necessity and a luxury in my life, and I can’t see it any other way.” –Submitted By: Jessica

“Tea is an addiction for me for many reasons. It’s a calming comfort when things aren’t going well. It’s daily reminder to take pleasure in life’s simple gifts. Every cup is a unique story, if you take the time to listen, and even when i’m rushed and only have time for pieces of the story, it brings a smile to my face. I take joy in the simple preparation of a cup of tea. I look forward to what has become my morning ritual. I find stability in knowing that with each morning, there will be a cup as part of my story. I love that even though i’ve tried a great many teas, i could spend my entire life and never get to the end of the list. I continue to drink tea because it makes me happy. From start to finish, even with a cup of tea that i might not love, everything about it is a smile waiting to happen.” – Submitted By: Sil

“The main reason why I don’t stop drinking tea is because it turns me from a radioactive hulking nightmare into a mild-mannered, spectacle wearing regular person. In other words, I do it for the good of all humanity. That is all.” – Submitted By: Verity

Those are just a few. Everyone really went all out. I’d suggest taking a look at all the comments and see for yourself. See comments: Here

Why do I love tea? All the aforementioned reasons everyone can’t stop drinking the stuff. Bottom line…”Tastes great, less filling,” wait haven’t I heard that some place before? I love tea because of the sheer variety, flavors, and the people I get to meet because of tea. I am Aries and I get bored very easily. Tea tailors to my mood so what is there not to like?

Alright, alright thanks for hanging in there. I’ll stop with the rambling and tell you what you really want to know assuming you didn’t already skip to the bottom.

The winners are…

Crystal Rodriguez –
“You ask why I would want to win free tea!!! Well let me tell you ! If I won free tea it would give me the love to overcome all obstacles , the strength to overcome my enemies and the would restore my faith in humanity! All the things a lonely lady in a house full of coffee drinkers could ever aspire to have! Why, i would be so grateful for free tea…I just wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement !!!!!!”

T.C. Cromie –
I’ve always hated the taste of coffee and never drank it. I’ve given up sodas and don’t drink milk. I had basically been drinking water and juicing for “drinks” in my life. When I found tea…then started exploring the many varieties and blends…WOW, a whole new world opened.
I thought for a while I was just in the “new” phase of it and I’d eventually settle down to a cup of so a day. But it has instead become an addiction. My “tea shelf” turned into my “tea shelves” and then into my “tea cupboards and counter”. Over half my dirty dishes now are tea cups when I wash. I don’t really see an end in sight…and the worst part is I don’t WANT to see an end in sight anymore. It sort of sucks you in. I imagine it’s something like a drug addict might feel. To give you an idea, it’s currently 1:06am. I’ve been up all night drinking tea and searching tea sites and am now writing on a tea blog. This isn’t abnormal behavior for me these days.

It went from a drink, to a hobby, to an obsessive passion for me. I’m just thankful there are a few others on the internet I can relate with so I don’t feel so odd about it.”

Robyn Schwarz-Primer –
“I think I am addicted to tea because it evokes so many good memories of drinking tea at my Great Grandma’s house, and of having tea with my family in France. Also I find it very relaxing, and when I need an energy boost it doesn’t make me jittery. It also comes is so many flavours that there is something for every mood! It creates addiction that way…”

What Did They Win?

1/2oz Samples of some handcrafted blends and more. A tea lovers dream!
Sweet Velvet Fog {Black Tea Blend}
Winter Frost {Black Tea Blend}
Raspberry & Apricot Delight {Green Tea Blend}
Blood Orange Mocha {Herbal & Black Tea Blend}
Strawberry Island {Black Tea Blend}
Creamy Pumpkin Spice {Black Tea Blend}
Sourenee 2nd Flush Darjeeling
Strawberry & Rhubarb {Oolong Blend}

Thanks again for playing. See you next time and don’t forget those 10% off coupon codes I sent to your inbox. The coupons were sent all those that participated but were not selected winners. They expire on March 10, 2013 valid for one time use only. If you don’t see the coupon code in your inbox check SPAM as many messages have ended up there.

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