FREE TEA!!! Now that I’ve got your attention… (Contest)

Oh Yes! It's Free
Who Loves Tea? I Mean Really Loves Tea!
CONTEST CLOSED – As per my comment below –

Thank you to all that entered the contest. It is now closed a all winners will be contacted by Sunday 2/24/13 best case scenario or worst case Monday 2/25/13. If I don’t receive a response from the winner in a timely manner I will move onto another person. All winners will then be posted on a seperate blog post featuring their reasons “Why” they love tea, a few of my other favorite entries, and then my reason of course. I will also announce what FREE TEA the winners have won. Again, thanks for playing and sharing all of your wonderful reasons for why you love tea thus helping me feel so much better about my tea addiction.
Who loves tea so much that they consume more tea on a daily basis than water? Dream about tea, has the desire to visit a tea growing region and has done it? Who loves tea so much they write about tea, review it, spread their love of tea to friends and family? So much so that they’d rather score their next Puerh Cake than pay their electric bill?

I LOVE tea that much! I know so many others do as well. We are tea fanatics my friends. We love tea so much we’d sell our souls for the next best tea everyones been talking about. We are the ones that raid the blogs, the stores, and the websites for news about new and exciting tea and we don’t stop there. We collect tea accessories, tea art, tea books, and more.

It’s you I want to hear from.

I make new excuses for my daily obsession, do you? I create new justification to keep consuming and acquiring more, do you? I will always be reaching for my next cup as I am sure you be will too.

What I want to know is why? Not when you started drinking tea, or an inspirational story about the first cup you ever had. No, I want to know “WHY” are you still drinking tea and haven’t stopped? Why are you addicted to tea like a gamer is to his console, and a techie to his gadgets?

Contest Details:
Comment in this post “Why” you are addicted to tea. Give me your best excuses and be honest. Three random winners will be announced a few days following the close of the contest on 2/22/2013. Those winners will be sent FREE TEA!!! YES, your next score of those sultry intoxicating leaves to create the elixir you can’t get enough of. Lets get started but follow the rules, or no tea for you

Required: Comment on this blog post the reason “why” you can’t stop drinking tea. Be sure to leave an E-Mail address or I won’t be able to contact you if you win.

Bonus Entires (Totally not required but would be awesome if you did):
Plus you get an additional entry for each that complete for a maximum of 6 entires including your required comment. Don’t forget to leave a note within your comment on my post saying you followed and/or subscribed and include your name/handle or I may not know it and you won’t get credit. Don’t want that to happen.
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I know this seems like a lot but just think…FREE TEA!!! Remember you’ll do anything for tea. Lets face it so would I. Plus, I’d love to get famous for writing about it too and I need you my fellow tea fanatics to help me out. Remember we tea folks stick together.

Contest Ends: Friday 2/22/2013 Lets get commenting! Open to everyone, so not limited to just the US. Good Luck!

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