Tea-Fast Day 5: Rise of the Phoenix

Tea-Fast: Day 5 - Rise of the Phoenix

Tea-Fast Day 5: Rise of the Phoenix

(Thanks for helping to provide the perfect description @Xavier)

Events from: 3/15/2013

Documented: 3/16/2013

I feel a sense of clarity now that I have completed five days going on six without tea.  I did give into the temptation by way of tisanes and herbals but only a few times, though it isn’t tea so I do forgive myself.  It seems what I was missing was the ritual of tea.  It is the act of taking time to enjoy a hot cup whilst reading, working, anything really that I missed the most.  After realizing that, I had a renewed sense of conviction and confidence.  I can do it!  No matter what the naysayers say.  I can make it to the finish line.


It is exciting to know that what I was addicted to this whole time wasn’t the tea itself but the ritual.  I admit having a hot beverage was very satisfying as I sat there in contemplation over this what seemed pointless tea-fast.   What I know now is that the fast was not pointless.  It is almost a spiritual journey even I didn’t know I was on.   Fasting put into perspective what it I desired most.   As @Xavier put it best, I am like the “Phoenix rising from the ashes and reborn.”


I can’t believe I am saying this but I am glad I decided to fast.  If you had asked me earlier, I would have said that I made a terrible mistake, that this adventure was pointless.  Seriously, why did I give up tea if even for a day unless I had no other choice?  Now, I am a brand new woman.  I am reborn and realizing that tea is more a part of my life now than ever and will always be.  I now not only enjoy the leaf but see more clearly how much I also enjoy the ritual, the conversation, the variety, tea friends and community.  I have a new peace about my passion and a clearer understanding.


Today I learned I am NOT addicted to tea.  I am NOT A SLAVE to tea.  Tea is my welcomed companion along for the journey by my side.

  7 comments for “Tea-Fast Day 5: Rise of the Phoenix

  1. 16 Mar ’13 at 7:29 pm

    Clarity? More like hallucinations.
    I never doubted you COULD do it. It’s whether you SHOULD do it that has always been the question.

  2. 16 Mar ’13 at 9:36 pm

    It is always an interesting exercise to give up something for a time. And I think a common lesson is that ultimately it’s not that we miss the THING, whatever it is. It is what that THING represents. In any case, congratulations on making a decision and then sticking to it. You’ll be enjoying your tea ritual even more now that you’ve had this experience!

  3. 17 Mar ’13 at 2:10 am

    I know @thedevotea and I can say I will never do it willingly again. 🙂

  4. 17 Mar ’13 at 2:32 am

    Rachel that is a 5-day adventure! I can completely understand that warm, wonderful caffeinated things are very ritualistic. I myself would loathe 5 days of no coffee! Congrats on being re-born!

  5. 17 Mar ’13 at 3:29 am

    Wait, wait, wait @thedevotea. Did you not see that there is a huge gap in this whole “exercise of self control.” Which is what it is of course, it’s not about tea we know that.
    The point is Rachel clearly says she realized it is not the tea she was addicted to but the ritual of having a hot drink . And then in the same breath admits to allowing herself a tisane or two or three because, well it didn’t actually count as tea. But the point is, if she’s addicted to the ritual, then whether she drinks tea, herbal, or boiled cauliflower in a cup doesn’t matter. Because it’s all about the kettle, the slow heating, the cuddling up to the spout, the clinging onto the cup. She couldn’t do without it, and so she brewed her herbs.
    Disappointing ol’ girl. But we don’t blame you, Robert and I. We fully understand. It’s a lot to ask of anyone to break the habits of a lifetime.
    Jane Sugarlump. (Not “Jackie.” Jackie is a sweetie who would never tease you like that.) Probably the account got hacked.

    • 17 Mar ’13 at 3:48 am

      True, Ms. Jane Sugarlump but the point here is that I never knew that until I did in fact drink a tisane. What I am doing is a tea-fast which I am still successfully on without a drop of “real” tea. I am still eager to have my first real cup on Monday. Though had I never done this fast my original hypothesis would never have been proven wrong. I went in this under the assumption that I would go through obvious caffeine withdrawals and the absolute blinding desire to the drink tea at the first opportunity of weakness. I have not done that. I drank a tisane because it didn’t make sense to drink hot water. I wanted to still go thru the act of drinking a warm beverage but not actual do it. The fact it was a tisane doesn’t even really matter. I am not addicted to that. What I wanted is a warm comforting drink. I suppose I could have heated up some milk and drank it but then I try to avoid all sugars even those found naturally in milk unless necessary because of the diabetes In other words Ms. Sugarlump stop hacking into Tea Trade or I’ll get @Jackie to remove you. LOL 😀

  6. 18 Mar ’13 at 8:46 pm

    @iheartteas don’t listen to this Ms. Sugarlump, she is not worth of your tea. 😉

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