Tea-Fast The Complete Series

Below I have linked all of my blog posts related to my week long tea-fast so that they can easily be found in one location for easy referencing.  Click on the image and you will be redirected to the blog post you desire.  Thank you & Enjoy!

Pre-Tea Fast
Tea Challenge

Pre-Tea FastStressed Out

Tea-Fast Day 1

Success (Almost There)

Tea-Fast Day 2

Day 2: Mood Swings

Tea-Fast Day 3

Tea-Fast: Day 3

Tea-Fast Day 4

Tea-Fast Day 4

Bonus: Why Tea-Fasting Can Be Good For Business

Bag of Money

Tea-Fast Day 5

Tea-Fast: Day 5 - Rise of the Phoenix

Tea-Fast Day 6

Tea-Fast Day 6

Tea-Fast Day 7

Tea-Fast Day 7

Post Tea-Fast: Final Entry

Happy Dance

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