Can Tea Spark Certain Moods?

Can Tea Spark Certain Moods?

We all know that if we need a little something to calm the nerves we reach for a cup of stress relieving chamomile tea.  Even other various calming herbs and botanicals can help us achieve a certain level of calm we may be desperately in need of.  All you have to do is “Google” it and you’ll have various herbal stress relieves at your fingertips.

Chamomile Tea

What do we do when we have a tummy ache?  Reach for a cup of ginger tea and maybe something with fennel.  All you have to do is a little research and you will find a dizzying array of herb blends that are known to aid in digestion and its ability to soothe the belly.

Ginger Tea

What isn’t as common knowledge is the type of teas and tea blends to reach for when you’re looking for some much needed energy.  Granted, some of tea fanatics probably have an idea but for most the beverage of choice may be that can of pop or dare I say, an energy drink.  Some even think an alcoholic beverage will give them the courage to deal with life’s inevitable occasional disappointments or even give them the courage to do what they felt was normally impossible.  Maybe these people need to consider the unhealthy effects of pop and the unlikely “super hero” effects of alcohol and turn to tea.

Personally, I use various types of “green teas” to keep me energized without the crash of some other well-known drinks.  I don’t add sugar or any other additives, just tealeaves and water.  The best part is I can feel good that I am not harming myself or gaining excess weight as a result of empty calories.  I can tell you years ago when I was a serious pop drinker I knew what I was doing to my body was wrong and often felt guilty for my poor choices.  I never feel guilty about drinking tea.  The worst of it was when I drank soda pop all I got was a very temporary jolt of energy and often felt considerably tired after the “buzz” wore off.  Then the cycle of drinking, guilt, and crashing would repeat itself, as would the adding on of extra bulk.  It was a vicious cycle and it needed to stop.  Lucky for me I have never been a heavy drinker of alcohol it was pop that was my crutch so many years ago.

healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

For me green tea is a wonderful all day energy stabilizer it stays with me all day without the jitters and crashing.  I especially appreciate the benefits these effects while being pregnant.  Believe me I can use all the help I can get in the energy department.

When I am having one of those days and need a super dose of energy I go for Matcha Tea.  Matcha has so many applications from the traditional method of preparation to lattés and can even been used to cook delicious savory and dessert dishes.  I love the flavor of Matcha though I know it isn’t for everyone (@Jackie) so for those I would recommend Guayusa and Mate´.  I am not as keen on the flavor profile of those and especially the Mate´ as I get a very unusual reaction to it that, as I understand is very rare so I won’t bore you with the details.  I know many people enjoy both and reap the energy boosting benefits of both.

Matcha Tea

Many believe “Black Tea” is the way to go when you need energy. I have to say for me black tea is a great energy booster but green gives me a more balance result.  Now I much rather reach for a black tea when I want a rich, full bodied, robust flavor which is honestly all the time because for me black tea tends to enhance my mood.  I enjoy its various applications such as drinking it “straight up” or its amazing blending abilities.  Black tea tends to blend very well with numerous herbs, botanicals, fruits, and more.  Not to say other tea types don’t blend well, I just simply feel black tea is far less discriminatory towards the addition of other additives.

Black Tea

My day tends to start with a brisk, bold morning cup of black tea.  A prefer a nice Irish, Scottish, or English Breakfast Blend.  Once I get myself started I use green tea to keep myself level for the remainder of the day.  Though I do drink black tea too.

If I am looking for a much-deserved goodnights rest I may reach for a lavender tea.   Lavender has such a way of evoking sleep and images of counting sheep.  Sometimes I even spray the sheets with a diluted formula of lavender essential oil to help drift me off to sleep.  Equally, so I do enjoy rose blends and aromas to encourage calm and good rest.  Who doesn’t take a nice whiff of rose essence and feel instantly relaxed?

How does tea affect your mood? Is it just the tea itself that energizes or calms you or is it the entire experience, perhaps the method of preparation, where you are, whom you are with, and your geographical setting?  I am certain all these factors can either affect positively or negatively your experience.  Though I know without tea I most definitely would be in a poor mood if even in the most serene of settings.

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