Life’s A Whirlwind

Life’s A Whirlwind

I’ve experienced so much excitement this year.  From iHeartTeas and the expansion I have done to my tea-inspired bath and beauty line to finding out I will be a mom again, a “whirlwind” to say the least.  Though this year has proven to be filled with new beginnings and major milestones everything has been wonderful.

Let me start by saying… I’m Happy!!!  I am following my dreams and writing at will and creating from the heart.  I am following my passions and reading my books again; enjoying “me” time, which I know, will soon be over.  I am enjoying new teas and tea experiences whilst sharing my love for tea far and wide.


Even my husband is enjoying great success at work.  He was promoted last year and though he has had his title since last year he didn’t actually assume all of his new duties until the start of this year.  With this newfound responsibilities and obvious boost in pay, the best news is now doesn’t travel as frequently as he once did.  This means he’s home more often and though he works a lot when he is home the point is… “HE IS HOME!!!”  Sorry, I guess I am a little excited.

ManPlus signhousePlus signDollar Signequal signHappy Pic

Next, we found out we are going to be having our second child later this year.  I never expected to be pregnant again but we couldn’t be more excited.  I think my newfound profound happiness is directly related to entering the second trimester and being so excited about my upcoming trip to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo.

Carter Baby #2

I have a couple of trips in the pipeline.  Both of which were planned and booked prior to becoming pregnant.  Luckily both fall into the second trimester.  However, the second trip I am just a day from the third trimester when I return.  Still I have cleared it with the “doc” and with her blessing I am free to be excited and diligently planning for Vegas and California.

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At the World Tea Expo I will be hitting up the booths, attending conferences, going to the Networking Reception, and participating in the “Tea Bloggers Roundtable.”  I am especially eager to attend the “How to use Blogging in your Business” Core Conference on Sunday.

I’ll have the chance to speak with and ask questions to some of the most respected tea bloggers.

Below are the Panelists:

Linda Gaylard , Blogger, The Tea Stylist

Robert Godden, Blogger, The Devotea

Darlene Meyers-Perry, Blogger, The Tea Enthusiast’s Scrapbook

Naomi Rosen, Founder, Joy’s Teaspoon

Jason Walker, Co-Founder/Co-Director, The Association of Tea Bloggers

Virginia Wright, Co-Founder/Co-Director, The Association of Tea Bloggers

If you are going to the Expo I highly recommend the “How to us Blogging in your Business” core conference and the “Tea Bloggers Roundtable” on Friday night.  Any blogger both experienced and novice is sure to walk away with a plethora of useful information.  I know I am always looking for ways to attract new readers and keep my loyal followers coming back for more.

The Panelists for the Tea Bloggers Round Table:

6-7pm Friday, June 7th:

Conference Area: Room N255

Rachel Carter – iHeartTeas

Robert Godden – The Devotea

Geoffrey Norman – Lazy Literatus

Chris Giddings – Tea-Guy

Jen Picotti – An International Tea Moment

Jason Walker  – Walker Tea Review

Darlene Meyers-Perry – The Tea Enthusiast’s Scrapbook

Linda Gaylard – The Tea Stylist

Jo Johnson – Scandalous Tea

Michael C. Coffey – Tea Geek

Naomi Rosen – Joy’s Teaspoon

I am also very excited to be enjoying an “Afternoon Tea” with many World Tea Expo attendees that I have meet through Social Media and in person at last years Expo.  We are going to be taking in “Afternoon Tea” at the Four Seasons Las Vegas.  A special “Thank you” to Nicole Schwartz aka @AmazonV for taking responsibility for making reservations and planning.  I fully intend to partake in the culinary delights I am sure to be represented with and the of course the tea.  Yes, the glorious tea, which I am sure, will be paired preciously with the perfect little tea treat.  I will post my thoughts on my experience and hopefully many wonderful pictures of the event for my blog.  I should mention even my husband is anxious to go to tea.  I have trained him so well… wink…wink.

I haven’t got the rest of the visit worked out yet but since it will most likely be our last husband and wife only trip I am sure we will make plenty of time for my hubby and I to enjoy quality time together.  I mean I didn’t buy a maternity swimsuit for nothing, right?

Maternity SwimsuitPlus signMaternity Coverupequal signSwimming Pic

I won’t discuss my trip to California in July just yet but I will say that this year so far has been filled with a lot of tea.  I am hoping the next half will be the same.  With many tea shop stops in San Francisco for sure.

Speaking of tea, I have been very lucky with this pregnancy and the last, because I have craved tea and the various different flavor profiles some teas represent.  I have been mostly waiting brisk, bold, and astringent teas.  Then from there I suddenly divert and have needed to consume pots of my “Strawberry Island” Black Tea Blend, which is flavored with strawberry, coconut, and vanilla.  Just writing about this tea is making me want to reach for a cup now or maybe I’ll cold steep some using the “Steep and Go” iHeartTeas also carries.  I have also found some rather new delicious unaltered teas recently from Verdant Tea and Upton Tea that I can’t keep my hands off of.  Golden Fleece of course and the Laoshan Black from Verdant Tea and River Shannon Breakfast Blend and Scottish Breakfast Blend from Upton Tea.  Of course I am being reasonable with my consumption but still succumbing to desire.  I drank tea all through my first pregnancy and I have a beautiful, intelligent, and amazing six-year-old daughter.  If anything tea many have attributed to those qualities, I’m only saying.   This is not my medical opinion as I am sure genetics played a part too.

Thanks, for reading especially since this was such a long post.  I didn’t even get to mention my new living furniture arriving soon from Ethan Allen, maybe next time.  Well, at least I didn’t forget the tea.


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