Tea & Pregnancy

Tea & Pregnancy

I am sure many are curious about just how much tea one should be consuming during pregnancy and especially while traveling to the mother of all tea events, the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, which is in just about two weeks?  When I arrive I will be just about halfway through my pregnancy and believe me there is no hiding it.  I am really showing “the baby bump” as it was.


I am certain I will get judgmental glances sent my way and whispers under ones breath about my sampling teas.  While I don’t suspect I will withdraw from tasting teas I do feel however I will probably only sample very few if any Matcha tea.  I am concerned about the caffeine combined with the other teas I will also be enjoying.  I am sure it isn’t a major concern, except I already know how my body reacts to Matcha when I am not pregnant so I feel it is my best interest and that of the baby to just stick with traditional tea.

When it comes to pregnancy may people have many different views.  Do drink or not to drink, coffee or no coffee, what about sushi?  While there are many pieces of information available on all subjects I truly feel that using your best judgment is way to go.

You know your body and what you should or should not do.  There is a lot to be said for moderation even when you are not pregnant.  I have always felt that whatever your decision just remember you are not just making it for yourself but for that little life growing and depending on you in the inside.

Moderation is key.  With my first pregnancy I drank tea all the time.  I did reduce my consumption by maybe 25% but keep in mind I already drink much more than the common tea drinker.  It only seemed rational and appropriate to reduce my intake a little.  I did not drink regular coffee with my first only decaf if I was craving the flavor.  Alcohol was a total “no-no” for me.  Still I understand that in many countries outside of the United States many “soon to be mama’s” still indulge in an occasional glass of wine.  As long you are not getting drunk and over indulging doctors felt it was safe and most of all there is no societal stigma.  No judging, no evil eye, or even blunt refusal to serve, an unfortunate situation known to happen in the United States far to often.

Now, I am not certain what is right and what is wrong but I can tell you for me tea is perfectly fine.  In fact it helps to calm my nerves.  I am sure those around me appreciate my efforts to remain calm.  These hormones do have a way of getting the best of me at times.  I have even taken to drinking very few and occasional cups of regular coffee maybe twice a week.  As for alcohol I still tend to stay away though I do plan on using a spittoon during my trip to Napa Valley in July.  I have cleared it with my doctor and she feels what little I get from tasting and spitting will not pose a threat to the baby and me.

So as I wait for the next two weeks to slowly go by I also wait and prepare myself for the almost certain second glance and tiny whispers while enjoying my tea for all to see.  I am sure it won’t happen a lot. I like to believe the tea community is far more enlightened for that sort of nonsense but for those few out there let me be and have a cup of tea.

Teapot-CrackleIt should be even more interesting visiting all the wineries in Napa Valley while 25 and 26 weeks pregnant.  I guess hubby will have to come to my defense.  Not to worry I truly only plan on swishing and spitting into a spittoon.  I would never purposefully harm the baby and myself.  I am sure those who know me best can be my character witnesses.  See you all in Las Vegas!

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