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Baby Mama Tea BijaBody

This “Baby Mama” wants Baby Mama certified organic naturally caffeine free tea from BijaBody.  Melissa, the owner of BijaBody was kind enough to give me first taste of her newest blend not yet even released on her site for me to sample at the World Tea Expo earlier this month in Las Vegas.  Of course being about five months pregnant myself, I had to jump at the opportunity.  Thank you Melissa and the BijaBody team!

Baby Mama Tea is an organically made with fairly traded ingredients.  On the label it states this blend is safe for all stages of pregnancy and even great to share with the little ones.   Being able to share tea with out children something so important to me.  My now six-year-old daughter is already such a huge fan of tea that she would rather grab a cup of tea than a can of soda pop.  To me that is a “proud mama moment.”

Baby Mama Tea is a blend of ginger, red raspberry leaf, rooibos, lemon verbena, orange peel, nettle, strawberry leaf, dandelion root, ashwaganda, rosehips, burdock root, and cacao nibs.  Yes, you heard right cacao nibs, like in chocolate before it becomes chocolate.  If you ever have the opportunity to try fresh cacao do it.  I was lucky to try some on a trip to Hawaii and it was an experience I will never forget and can’t wait to repeat.

The ingredients included in this blend are meant to help pregnant women “strengthen skin,” “support proper digestion and nutrient absorption,” “calm queasiness,” and “enhance precious well-being.”  At this stage of my pregnancy I can use all of these tea features.

As you can see I have included a number of photographs because I stronger believe that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and these pictures help me share with you these beautiful ingredients.

 Baby Mama Tea Baby Mama Tea Back Label

Baby Mama Tea



Water Temp: 212º F

Steep Time: 3 minutes

Tea Used: 3 teaspoons

Thoughts:  My initial impression was that this tea actually tasted healthy.  I wish I knew how to put into words what healthy means to me but I can tell you it is a good thing.  When I think healthy I think the best freshest ingredients presented in perfect balance and harmony.  Each ingredient is playing off another and enhancing one another.  In this case all the ingredients were perfectly selected and the ingredients meticulously put together before being included and you can tell.  The experience feels scientific, and that is an experience I can appreciate.

Flavor: I couldn’t pick out a specific flavor that stood out from the rest.  I am accustomed to one flavor popping out and in this case there isn’t one to report.   I found the overall flavor profile to be balanced and calming.  Being that is a pregnancy tea I find this piece very important.  Many women experience nausea and food aversion during pregnancy.  A pregnancy tea that is too strong in any specific flavor can prove to be a problem so I am glad that this blend addresses the issue so many of us face.  Being a flavor neutral tea it will make it possible for you to enjoy your tea, gain the health benefits, and not feel nauseous afterwards.  I also wanted to note that I traditionally do not add sweetener to tea unless it is chai but I did think that a touch of honey or agave would possibly make this tea blend a bit more decadent.  I didn’t try it this time but I may just try it later.  I was lucky enough to receive a full size tin.

Baby Mama Tea Blend Baby Mama Tea Steeping

Thanks again ladies!

By the way, it’s a boy and we are naming him Ethan.

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