Would More Men Drink Tea If

Girl Drinking Tea

Would More Men Drink Tea If…

Disclosure: I am not speaking of all men when I right this post so please no angry comments. This post is not serious by any means.  Though, while reading this post I am sure you know which men I am talking about.  They are not fictitious; we know at least a few even if you care not to admit it.  I am just poking fun.  Please, don’t take this post seriously and twist my words.  Pregnancy can do strange things and this blog post is a part of my way to work out thoughts, ideas, and feelings.  Please, just read, laugh, and think nothing more of it.  I welcome funny comments of course. Thank you!

I often wonder what keeps the attention of men.  So often you see them glued to the TV watching some boring sporting event or playing pointless games on the iPad or gaming console.  Could you image that same time and attention to sports and statistics applied to the everyday world?  It is shocking but there are many men out there that couldn’t remember their own wives birthdays but certainly could tell you a baseball player’s batting average for the season.  Personally, I find this unforgivable and most often wouldn’t extend my relationship to said man beyond friend, if they were even that lucky.  Then again I am picky when it comes to friends. To me is has always been quality and not quantity, just like my tea.

So we know that sporting events draw male crowds in droves, then comes the alcohol, next the waitresses in skimpy outfits and artificial conversation.  Is this the mix for success?  Would our husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, brothers, and fathers drink more tea if they were served whilst watching a basketball game and being served by some young busty scantly clade girl that giggles and hangs on your every word?  YES!!!

It is just a theory but what if we staged an experiment?  It is my hypothesis that a man would drink a considerable amount of tea if it were served by your stereotypical, busty, tight clothes wearing girl.  I also imagine that if they spent enough time at these tea establishments they would start to learn about the different varieties of tea, notice subtle nuisances in tea, and then before you knew it we would see new themed teahouses everywhere.  Our once silent partners would be start to exhibit usual behaviors, start to talk more, enjoy conversation, as tea often encourages.  You would ask your significant other where have you been all night and the answer would be…“An all night tea tasting.”  There there would be the sudden talk about which “flush” was better than the other, my puerh is better than yours since it was aged longer, etc…

Ok, so this post is more of a joke that earned the right of blog post after a rather crazy dream I had last night.  Don’t forget, we pregnant women suffer from rather wickedly vivid dreams.  This one just needed to work itself out on paper, as it were.  I wonder what Freud would say?

The moral of the story, throw men in a place with sports, beer, and sexy women who’s sole purpose is to give attention to their male patrons and you have a successful business.  These are the very men that are ready to stampede out of an Olive Garden in an hour after arriving, will now soon sit and “chat” for hours about nothing as long as there is plenty of eye candy, superficial conversation, watered down liquor, crappy food (lets face it the food doesn’t matter and the establishment is aware of it), and a bad game on TV.  Now, remove the liquor, replace with tea, keep the sports, maybe make the food taste better and perhaps we can get men to have a cup of tea once in a while.  Perhaps, I shall name this new teahouse for men… “Tooters!”  Don’t worry women, children, and families welcome. Ha-Ha!

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