A Blog With No Pictures

A Blog With No Pictures

Why Passion Isn’t Enough

You pour your heart and soul into what you love and hope others love what you do even a fraction as much you.  Of course you have those select few that provide support and guidance.  The ones that love you and by extension what you do.   What I am talking about is those that don’t know you or are just starting to get to know you.  We all want our efforts to be noticed, remembered, and leaving them wanting more.

Unfortunately, passion is not enough.  As it turns out we all have it.  Some act on it, others let it burn within them.  Wanting someone to notice what your most passionate about is like trying to grab the eyes and ears of someone with little to no attention span.  There needs to be a better way to grab the attention of someone outside of screaming at him or her, plus it doesn’t work anyway.  It needs to be fun.  If I can’t do that I’d better just throw in the towel.

Simply put, I love tea, creating things with my hands like bath and beauty products, among other things.  Just because I love these things doesn’t mean everyone else will.  I used to think that if everyone knew how much I liked doing what I do that they would fall in love with it too.  It just doesn’t work that way.  I am now officially on a mission to make things more fun.

It is time to take a more creative role.  Let’s face it no matter hold old we get and home much our responsibilities change we all love to have fun.  We all love a treat from time to time.  We all want time to take care of ourselves and not feel guilty about it.  As adults we are always doing for others such as our kids, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and friends.  It never stops!  Well, it stops here and NOW!  It is time we all enjoyed ourselves a little more and add ourselves to the list. What’s one more right?

Although, my passion isn’t enough and truthfully only about a tenth of you reading this probably even got this far.  It isn’t your fault.  You probably got distracted or decided it was too long, got bored, probably because there are no pictures, or any other number of reasons.  Nevertheless, don’t worry I am not mad at you.  I am guilty of the same.  Like many of you out there I have way too much going on.

To finish, here is my plan.  I am going to have more fun.  If I am having fun, you will want to join me.  Everyone hates being the last one picked in gym just like everyone hates missing out on a chance to have fun.  I will start to make more fun tea blends for sale.  I will include fun recipes for you to try with them.  I will share DIY recipes to make your own bath and beauty products at home, and show you fun way to use what I have in my inventory.  My goal is if I am doing fun things, so will you, and hopefully that will inspire you to support me by making a purchase from time to time on my site, iHeartTeas.com.  When you make that purchase and share a kind word or two I will see my passion spreading and the cycle will continue.  Then I will be able to afford adding to my inventory, share more ideas, recipes, and other fun inspired projects.

Lets spread our passions more creatively.

It’s time we ALL had more FUN!

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