From Paris with JE T’AIME (Love)

Theoder Tea Tasting


Thank you so much Xavier @Teaconomics for sending two wonderful samples of tea straight from France for our Tandem Tea Tasting Google+ Hangout.  Currently, I am enjoying the wonderfully calming music on THEODER’s site as I write this, making this that much more pleasant.  Before I get started with my review I also wanted to thank Jackie @Jackie of Tea Trade for distributing these teas to all of us.   You two are the BEST!!!

The French Google+ Tandem Tasting Event was a special one that we were all so excited to attend.  It took weeks of planning and scheduling due time zones and availbility but we got it done.  The only person that couldn’t make it was our regular and usually only male participant Geoff also known as @lazyliteratus.  We missed you, but understand the importance of work, for if it weren’t for that where would we all get our tea money.

Today we tasted two teas.  My impressions are listed below…

*Description of tea obtained directly from THEODER’s Website

THE DU LOUP – Pretentious

History says that Rome was founded by the sons of a she-wolf.  Theodor’s first creation and enduring reputation has its own story … it’s own secrets. This tea’s success is not only due to the seductive notes of chocolate but the simplicity of the obvious. It goes without saying!

Ideal brewing time: 4 to 5′

Water temperature: 85°C (185°F) 

Review: It has a wonderful sweet and creamy flavor.  I didn’t pick up the chocolaty notes but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.  It is possible some of the flavors were lost in transit.  Nevertheless, it is was delicious blend.  The flavors are best defined as warm, and cozy.  The perfect “cozy up to warm cup while reading a book” tea.  You know what I am talking about.  The sort of tea that makes you go…”Ah” and release all the tension of the word.

JE T’AIME – Gallantry

Sparkling eyes, trembling hands, the heart beating faster, these signs are unmistakable. Even admitting it is rather personal. To the ones we love, this word is filled with gourmandise and passion. It should be, according to the rules of the perfect Gentleman, whispered and why not accompanied by an audacious cup of tea with macaroon flavours , then, ‘I love you, je t’aime’…

Ideal brewing time: 3 to 5′

Water temperature: 85°C (185°F)

Review: A fun fresh tea.  I didn’t try this during our Google+ Hangout but rather right after.  I enjoyed the bright flavors.  It wasn’t a warm tea but more of a playful tea.  It reminded me of a beautiful, sunny summer day.  Enjoying tea on the veranda while watching the kids play in the garden.

I realize both of my reviews weren’t technical and the reason why is both of these teas triggered emotional response and vivid imagery.  Note, I am a very visual person with an amateur photographic memory of certain things.  I thought it was more important to capture the moment then provide a technical review in this case.

Overall, these were both well blended and delicious.  I am happy to have tried them and grateful to both Xavier and Jackie for the opportunity.

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