Month: April 2015

YuanYang: Traditional Chinese Coffee Drink

Made this surprisingly tasty drink for breakfast this morning with my special friend @jopj in mind.  I made a slight variation as follows… Recipe: 1oz Black Tea (Used River Shannon from Upton Tea Imports) 1 Shot Indriya Nespresso Espresso 1oz Cream (Frothed) – I used Organic Half & Half from Trader Joes I poured in layers. Coffee first, then tea,… Read more →

Honey Dew Melon from Lupicia

  Starting my afternoon tea fix with a natural decaf delight from Lupicia Fresh Tea it is called Golden Honey Dew, it is a part of the San Francisco Collection.  This particular tea is a part of a exclusive 3 tin set that last I saw you can only buy at one of their locations in California it isn’t available… Read more →

Tea – Tornados – Thunderstorms

5 Tips To Make The Most Downtime Seems yesterday I over did it with a bit more tea consumption that I normally do. I had lots of iced tea and even more hot tea. I held a puerh drinking marathon where I tried three very delicious puerh varieties from Jalam Teas. The idea in itself isn’t a bad one but… Read more →

Daily Routine

This morning I woke up with a bang. My FitBit Charge HR says I slept alright though I wish I had less “restless” time. Better than most nights though since I got in almost 8 hours which is something I try to do. Sleep is so important and can be over looked for its value. I will not make that… Read more →

Tea Blending Sisters Feature

In case you missed it iHeartTeas was featured in the Tea Blending Sisters blog. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thoughts On Tea Blending Special thanks to the folks at Tea Blending Sisters for asking me to guest write on your blog. Read more →

Rainy Day Reflections

Our first Spring rain is falling.  I love the rain.  The rain forces me to slow down and reflect.  I take this opportunity to do a little mediation, tea drinking of course, reading, and treat myself to a few mini beautifying treatments that I can manage at home.  I use this opportunity to think about what really speaks to me and… Read more →

Deep Thoughts By Rachel Carter

“Do you remember that time in High School when everyone was more popular than you? Then you were like what do I have to do to be popular too? Then you were like if I knew that, I’d already be doing that.” Hope you picked up on the old Saturday Night Live reference to “Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey” Just… Read more →

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