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*This post has nothing to do with tea. Stop here if you expected to read about tea.  Don’t want to disappoint anyone.

I had truly contemplated if I really wanted to post this and especially the picture above. Then I realized I needed to do it for me.  Right now I don’t see what everyone keeps telling me they see.  Don’t get me wrong I know there is an obvious change but seeing as I can’t stare at myself all day and nor would I want to.  I still sort of live in the “old me” place.  Seeing milestones is huge for me.  The mirror helps too but like I said I can’t always do that.  The lack of medications, over flow of energy, and happiness are also huge indicators of my success.  Still since I am a visual person I thought I would post this is somewhere I knew would help me chronicle my journey so of course I blogged about it.  I can’t wait to share this with my older self and show my children that determination an get you anything you want.

I am just 13.5lbs away from 100lbs lost forever.  Can anyone even fathom that? I know I can’t. A dream is about to be realized here and it is important I write about it.  I need to remember this years to come and those that follow me and keep me motivated are just as important and accountable for my success as I am.  Thank you for supporting me and helping me to realize I can do this.

Now lets start placing bets to see how long it takes to lose another 13.5lbs. I know I want to take that action.

*Please be kind this is the first time I have officially revealed my start weight and I thought it was about time I did.

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