Month: January 2016

Pairing Tea and Rants

Frustrated today. Beyond scatter brained, though that’s like any other day for me. I happen to run best on organized chaos. Yes, I know that doesn’t make much sense but it does for me. Today is just plain chaos and from it I need organization to function. I’m trying hard to find the end of the string to unravel this… Read more →

Enter to WIN FREE TEA Samples

ENTER TO WIN FREE TEA The life of a tea blogger usually means and endless supply of tea.  While normally this is a wonderful thing sometimes it isn’t.  When you are fully aware that you can provide tea a small country it is likely time to part ways.  As a result this contest was born.  It is a great way… Read more →

DIY Tea Scrubs on The Daily Tea

*Image from The Daily Tea Back in 2013 The Daily Tea approached me about writing an article and offering up a couple DIY beauty recipes using tea as a main ingredient.  Of course I didn’t want to miss an opportunity like that.  If you would like to check out my recipes and the article I wrote visit The Daily Tea.… Read more →

Matcha Bliss Balls by Nutriholist

It’s #MatchaMonday which for me equals to any excuse to drink and eat matcha. I absolutely love how versatile matcha can be. My favorite way is the traditional method. Water and matcha combined well and easily adjusted to the strength I prefer. I have always been a traditionalist by heart with a flare for experimentation. Matcha also makes for a great… Read more →

Tea Swag From Teaprints

*Image taken from Teaprints Website   Like most fanatics, be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, or Harry Potter there is a huge subculture out there for those us often obsessed. Though all of the above aforementioned are also obsessions of mine nothing quite meets with the same level as tea. That is saying a lot because I really… Read more →

Impromptu Tea

If you have ever wondered what it looks like when a tea fanatic takes an impromptu vacation with the family this is it. Obviously, there is tea and a lot of it.  On this trip there were two local establishments literally across from one another.  Adagio Teas and Davids Tea and of course I had to make a stop or… Read more →

Now Entering Beast Mode

  Holy expletive Batman!  Made my first ever Bulletproof Matcha Latte Friday morning before a very intense strength and cardio class at my gym.  It is the only class I’ve ever taken that made me feel as if I were extremely unfit.  Sweat pours, heart is pumping, and muscles burning.  It was my intention to do myself a little favor… Read more →

Bulletproof Drinks

With New Years 2016 here and all our tearful goodbyes to 2015 have been spilled.  I have decided to start this New Year with the addition of a couple of recipes my dear friend Linsey of The NecessiTeas shared with me.  I am forever grateful as years ago I had attempted to make Bulletproof Coffee and failed miserably.  I couldn’t imagine… Read more →

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