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Seven Cups and Going

One of my favorite things just happened on October 23, 2015.  A tea tasting with some of my most favorite tea friends and bloggers.  This particular event was hosted and coordinated by none other than the wonderful Jo Johnson (@jopj) of Scandalous Tea (aka @agiftoftea).  As many of you already know she is quite the talented jewelry maker, her muse the… Read more →

Apple Pie Chai Latte Recipe

Apple Pie Chai Latte Recipe Ingredients: 3 heaping teaspoons Apple Pie Chai from iHeartTeas ½ cup water ½ cup milk Honey (Use as desired a sweetener of choice, optional) Whipped Cream (Optional) Strainer Directions: Using the stovetop method, in a small pot start boiling your water. Next, add your Apple Pie Chai loose-leaf tea. Allow the water to boil, next… Read more →

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