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Good Tea + Classic Movie = Inspiration

Good Tea + Classic Movie = Inspiration The following post is sort of a two part deal. Mostly inspiration with a splash of tea.  It is sort of a weird post but I wanted you all to know where I was coming from.  Funny how when combined magical things can happen, even a moment of clarity. The Movie… The Tea…… Read more →

Milk Oolong Infused Vodka – Recipe

For those who aren’t aware I do enjoy experimenting and including tea in every aspect of my life whenever possible. One of my favorite things to do is infusing teas with a few of my other favorite beverages. My experiment today involves “Milk Oolong” a personal favorite and vodka. Not a difficult experiment at all so it had to be… Read more →

Video: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker: 1st Use

Please be gentle this is my first ever video that I have made with the intent of sharing with all my tea friends. It is a little long and a little boring but still I hope it captures my excitement I was feeling when I finally got my first chance to use this lovely Christmas gift I received from my… Read more →

My Daughters 5th Birthday Calls for…Milk Oolong

Just recently ordered some more Milk Oolong. The freshest batch since they restocked. I found this to be just as delicious as the last batch. The only difference I noticed is as follows… 1. More delicate 2. More subtle creamyness 3. A lot more balanced in flavor I made this first on December 31st 2011 and used it to make… Read more →

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