Filling A Niche…I Hope…

Being a stay at home mom has it’s advantages and disadvantages, which I am sure many of you can imagine. The best part is that I am so lucky to be able to be here for my daughter whenever she needs me. I don’t have to count on daycare raising her so I can be there to teach her and watch her grow. On the other side, if things go wrong, it’s my fault right? Just kidding, I hope. Anyway, I am going somewhere with this I promise.

Although my main focus is my family I do work a very part-time job outside the home which is great when you need a break; which is
what it started out as, but these days I do work for the money as many of us do. I am sure I don’t have to go into the whole economy topic. So with that said my hours are being cut to the point of nonexistence which is a bit frustrating for me. Considering the situation and my true desire to be with my daughter and in some way or another work in the tea industry. So I have recently
decided to dabble with a new website devoted to “Tea,” and hope it helps me realize a dream of mine. Now everyone don’t make fun of me I am baring my soul here. I strongly believe that tea has magical powers. Tea can bring people together, start conversations, create relaxation, promote creativity,
instill peace. Like I said magic! So I thought to myself what a perfect time to have discovered this wonderful site devoted to tea and people just like me. So just like that I decided to take the plunge on Feb. 23rd and decided to put up my first listing for tea samples and to my surprise that very first evening I caught some
interest. I am thrilled at how well I have done so far but of course the hunger has set in to do even better so perhaps one day I can work from home, rely on myself on income and be there for my
family whenever they need me. I truly want this to work and can’t thank Peter and Jackie of Tea Trade and LeafBox Tea enough for giving people like me this opportunity. I am not sure if they ever even thought this decision to build a website like this would effect
people in this way but it has for me. It has giving me the courage to start on this adventure. The best part is I am working at home and with tea so it doesn’t even feel like work. I love making up
every package. I put in a personal little touch in each shipment. I love all the people I get to talk with via Twitter and E-Mail. Let me
just say tea people are good people. Even better my little 4 year old loves tea and just insists on helping me, which proves to be wonderful type of bonding for us. Plus, she learns responsibility.

My hope is to fill a niche as my subject line mentioned, sorry I rambled so long. As a tea drinker and enthusiast I felt strongly that there is a need for a sort of “one stop shop” for tea. My main purpose was to create listings to allow a person to select tea samples normally offered by various tea companies in one location. I feel this helps me, the tea drinker looking to save time and money on shopping from various tea shops just to be able to try their stock and helps tea companies. Simply put, I provide the samples and if you like what you are drinking you can simply purchase a full size

package from that company. So, as I stated “Filling A Niche…I hope…” so far so good and hoping to do better.

Check out…

Please share your thoughts with me and to all my tea friends support my dreams. You helped my tea passion flourish. Without you this would just have been a hobby.

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