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Why I Don’t Write Anymore

*Drinking Afternoon Tea from Lupicia Fresh Tea.  A robust, yet rounded black tea blend of Assam and Darjeeling.  Perfect to push me through when I need to focus.  Paired with a dark chocolate peanut...


The Future of iHeartTeas The Blog

The Future of iHeartTeas The Blog Over the last few months there have been doing some gradual changes to my blog format. Part of the change is that I have moved away from my...

Pairing Tea and Rants 3

Pairing Tea and Rants

Frustrated today. Beyond scatter brained, though that’s like any other day for me. I happen to run best on organized chaos. Yes, I know that doesn’t make much sense but it does for me....


I Am Ready 2016

I’m Ready 2016 First here is a little summary of 2015. This year is quit possibly the biggest for personal achievement I have ever had in my entire 38 years of existence. I don’t...

Summing Up Summer 2

Summing Up Summer

My house guest has officially departed.  Which means back to normal life for us.  Which also means more “me” time.  For me that includes not just drinking tea but writing about tea too.  It also...


A Cup of Zen – iHeartTeas Feature

First let me say Happy 4th of July to everyone and please let it be a safe and wonderful day of celebration with friends and family everywhere. For me everyday and especially every holiday starts...

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