Food Detective Diary: Entry One

It’s been a struggle these near past three years.  I have completely transformed my body and relationship with food.   However, I still struggle to find a balance that my body and I will be happy with.    Overall my journey has been a successful one.  By any account it is safe to say I have beaten all odds.  I’ve lost over one hundred pounds and I’m keeping it off plus my diabetes is in remission which truth be told is all I ever wanted.  Still my journey isn’t over.

Inflammation, bloating, and other various gastrointestinal issues still plague me.  They started nearly right after my skin removal surgery last April of 2016.  These fluctuations not only impact the scale but also are cause for constant pain, a hard feeling in my belly, and so much more I’d rather not discuss.

I have tried numerous supplements with limited improvement.  Had a CT Scan, results which were overall what they expected to find.  Just when I think I have gotten myself out of the rough, I find myself right back in it.

Today, I would like you to join me on my investigation as I take on the role of “Food Detective.”  I’ll preface by saying that what I am sharing with you are my own personal experiences.  I’m not a doctor and cannot and will not make any claims that what I’m doing is what you should be doing too.  I am working with my doctor and trying to find the cause and solution through diet. It is my plan to attack this with healthy eating and avoid medical intervention unless all other options have been exhausted for what may be IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) combined with extreme abdominal scar tissue post multiple abdominal surgeries, seven to be exact.

Medically Ordered Steps:

  1. Lab Work: Complete – Ruled out major medical issues such as Celiac Disease.
  2. Medications: Currently taking medications that is given to patients with IBS. Can also aid in relieving the painful symptoms of abdominal scar tissue. Takes at least 4-6 weeks to notice if effective. My goal is to not take any medication. I am a believer in natural remedies when possible. If not an option I will continue but keep in mind my goal is to find a solution through diet. I have been victim to the side effects of prescription medications in the past and don’t plan to be one again.
  3. Endoscopy: Scheduled for June 3, 2017 – Need to rule out major medication issues such as ulcers. More of a precaution not anticipating issues.

Diet Steps: My Own Investigation with Medical Guidance

Cold Pressed juice from Real Good Juice company. Found in many Whole Foods locations. Based out of Chicago. Fresh and filled with good stuff.
  1. Start 3-Day Juice Cleanse on June 4, 2017: Ordered juice cleanse from Real Good Juice Company. I understand the skepticism around cleanses. I am one of those people too. Our bodies were already built to cleanse. However, if your body isn’t functioning properly as is mine, I found it was time to put my skepticism aside and go in with an open mind. Trust me, having to deal with a constant pain everyday for over a year I am ready to try anything. My theory, after a lot of research is I will be able to “reset” my body. The “reset” should help me work on my next step. Assuming I survive.
  2. Elimination Diet – After the three-day cleanse I will slowly introduce food one at a time and document my body’s reaction. The idea is I will be able to create a list of approved and unapproved food items.
  3. HARDEST PART – During the entire process I will only consume caffeine from tea. I will stop coffee all together. I will also stop using any refined sugars. Lastly, I will discontinue the use of alcohol. I am a pretty healthy eater and physically active on a regular bases but I have to admit I do have my vises. Sugar may be the hardest one to beat yet.
  4. Reduce Intensity of Workout: My caloric intake will likely not be enough to continue my current workout routine. I will adjust accordingly.

As I stated before, I understand the juice cleanse is something of a sore subject for some. I ask politely that you keep your negative comments to yourself. I am a firm believer that each body is unique. Even though I myself am skeptical I am at a point where I am willing to try anything for some relief. If you can’t be supportive then I will respectfully ask for your silence. In a world such as ours I think you can agree we need more cheerleaders than critics.  For the critics here is something I am sure will make you laugh.

Instead why not follow my journey? I am sure it will be filled with highs, lows, and “hangry” adventures. Yes, I said “hangry” trust me there will be a lot of anger and hunger. You’re bound to get a few laughs.

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