Food Detective Diary: Entry Two

Survival was the only thing on my mind. How could I possibly drink juice for three days? I love food, for goodness sake I consider myself a foodie. I keep telling myself it is for a good cause. Clearing or resetting my body is what has to happen. I need to figure out what is causing my gastrointestinal issues. I am stronger than I think I am.

I made it. Day one is over and behind me. I am typing this up, as I am juice number two deep into day two. Let me share with you what has happened so far.

Three days, six juices a day.  All cold pressed, organic, vegan, raw, fresh, and unpasturized.  Two are the same the rest of them different each day.  Of course the two that are the same is my least favorite, the Juice-Pac Shakur, love their names and all have a purpose so I chug it down.

Day one, I woke up craving an espresso as I do most mornings. Had to manage getting through the desire and watching my husband drink his cup. So far not having my coffee has been the hardest. I did not discontinue drinking tea otherwise that would have been the hardest. In fact my morning juice contains matcha.

I was hungriest in the morning. It is surprising how full drinking can make you feel. It was at the end of the day that I realized I was falling behind on my drinks. I am supposed to have one every two hours.   It was now 6pm and I had three bottles still left.   I got them all done by about 9:30pm. I didn’t eat one piece of food. I even grumbled that I was feeling full. I found that odd. These juices though low in calories are clearly packed with nutrients. No way I could have just done an all water fast. That and I know I wouldn’t get all the nutrition I would need if I did.

Biggest surprise was how I wasn’t hungry most of the day. However, I did miss the act of active eating. Seeing food on TV, cooking for my family, Facebook pictures, and videos of food did not make that easy. This made me curious of just how many times I was eating something because I was in the mood to but not because I actually needed to. It has been said, that if you are feeling hungry always drink some water first. Often times you are indeed thirsty and not hungry. If that doesn’t do the trick, obviously eat. I wasn’t sure if I bought into that before, I certainly do now.

Bottom-line, I am doing pretty well. I am missing food. Though I am allowed to have nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies if absolutely necessary I am choosing not to. I am already feeling lighter. The hard feeling in my tummy area is improving. I have lost 0.6lbs. I am sure that is mostly fluids, which is to be expected. Looking forward to another successful day while I resist the urge to eat my own hand.

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