The Future of iHeartTeas The Blog

The Future

The Future of iHeartTeas The Blog

Over the last few months there have been doing some gradual changes to my blog format. Part of the change is that I have moved away from my retail site. I decided I much rather write about tea then sell tea for profit. The logistics of business just wasn’t for me and frankly I didn’t have the time to give my business the attention it truly needed and deserved. As a result I have gone back to the basics with a few natural evolutions. It is my intention to offer more informational posts. I will try to keep this short and sweet and bullet point some changes.

Use the domain more frequently and slowly drop the domain. I am not eliminating the domain address, it will continue to work but rather refer to more frequently.

DIY Bath & Beauty Recipes: The recipes will be similar to what I was creating for my business. However, I will adapt them to be more easily made at home and in smaller batches. I am super excited about this.

Healthy Food Recipes (Sometimes not healthy): Due to overwhelming popularity and requests I have decided to include more recipes which may or may not always include tea as an ingredient. These will likely be healthy but not always.

Health and Fitness Segments: I will include more personal health posts. Such as personal achievements, best practices, and motivational segments. With the disclaimer that I am not a doctor, nutritionist, witch, wizard, shaman, or fortune teller etc. The information I plan to share will come from my own personal experiences. These will be processes, foods, drinks, recipes, routines, and etc that I have personal tired. I will share my like or dislike with the understanding that I am only sharing my personal experience and opinions. Everyone should know and understand that what may or may not work for me may not be the same for you. I will always encourage experimentation from my readers with the understanding that you are responsible for your own choices and best judgement. I will not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction as a result of reading my blog. Posting this information here will be me covering my bases for all previous, current, and future blog posts.

Tea Reviews : I will continue to write basic tea reviews. However these reviews may be how I enjoyed the tea and where and less detail specific reviews.

Tea Product Reviews: These reviews can be of tea related products such as clothes, accessories, new products including tea. Super fun and unique items that somehow incorporate tea.

Contests: Though not frequently would I have contests because I could never afford to keep them up on my own, still I hope to add more reader interaction and participation in this way.

Show Appreciation and Support for my Fellow Tea Bloggers: I will continue to include links to support some amazing tea bloggers out there. Right now I have been doing that on my Facebook Page for my blog. I believe tea to not only to be a communal drink to shared with family and friends but also an opportunity to share all the lovely work I have the privilege to read from other bloggers out there.

I think that about covers the upcoming changes. Hope you enjoy the new format.

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