Another Personal Fit Milestone Accomplished


Today I weighed the lowest I’ve ever weighed. Lower than even when my husband and I first met over 20 years ago. Lower than when I was in High School. Lower than I can even remember. Though I know lower isn’t always better I feel for me it makes sense. Why? First, I’m short. Like really short so I could still lose another 10lbs and still be healthy and look healthy. If anyone is wondering I didn’t have any plans to lose weight at all. My body is figuring things on its own and finding a healthy place to settle where it sees fit. This is why I am so excited. I have been working so hard to trust my body and listen to its subtle signs. Such as eat when I’m hungry and don’t when I’m not. When to workout out and when to take a break. I don’t do anything extremely strenuous. I still eat junk food but not as much. I have ice cream, sugar, cake, candy, pizza, popcorn, nachos, and enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage but I don’t over indulge and most of all I try my best not to feel guilty when I make those choices. That is the hardest part. Again those are treats and occasional at that but perhaps more frequent than those out there may believe. I have been working on building muscle, strength, and definition. I have it! Now I have to keep it which means maintenance and tons of protein. Believe it our not I eat more now than I even did when I was over 233lbs. Almost as much as I did when I was pregnant with my kids, close but not quite. I am officially a firm believer it is what you eat not always how much though you should stop when full, eat slowly it takes time for your tummy to tell your brain when you are full, exercise is so important. Cardio and strength training gave me balance. It gave me a lean and muscular body which is exactly what I wanted. Finally…patience! Nothing happens over night. Keep at it, don’t give up!

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