Good Tea + Classic Movie = Inspiration

Good Tea + Classic Movie = Inspiration

The following post is sort of a two part deal. Mostly inspiration with a splash of tea.  It is sort of a weird post but I wanted you all to know where I was coming from.  Funny how when combined magical things can happen, even a moment of clarity.

The Movie…

Top Gun

The Tea… Coconut Cabana

Coconut Cabana

*Photo above is courtesy of The Tea Spot Website.

Next up the inspiration…

Zen Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Have you ever gotten that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that keeps telling you that you were meant for more? I’ll be honest I ignore that voice sometimes thinking maybe I’m getting my reception scrambled with someone else. I mean why me? What makes me special? I think I finally have the answer. I am not anymore or less than special than anyone else. I am me and me means unique. No one else can be me just like me I can’t be someone else. This is what makes me special and makes everyone else special. So “Yes” I was meant for more.

I feel the next stage of my life upon me. I have suffered through and experienced more in my thirty nine years than I’d care to admit. I believe I went through the extreme highs and lows for a purpose. The most important lesson I learned is I CAN do anything I put my mind to. I will “never give up…never surrender.” I do love a great Galaxy Quest reference.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender Galaxy Quest

I used to have to convince myself of this as I am sure many of you have too. As of late I feel different. I don’t have to convince myself anymore. I know this to be a fact. It isn’t my intention to “toot my own horn” or pat myself on the back. This feeling and deeper understanding of myself is something I wish for everyone to experience.

I don’t want to waste this one life I have. I want to achieve all that I dream of. Problem is I have too many dreams. Though one thing is true I will pursue to better myself. I refuse to believe in limitations. I am realizing I am my worst enemy. I have the most crazy supportive family. Yet it is me that puts restrictions onto myself. I often tell myself I can’t do something because I have a family now, I have kids, or I’m older now, or that isn’t age appropriate, moms can’t do that, or I can’t afford it. I think I care more about what others think of me than I thought. I am going to work on changing that. No one else said any of those things to me. Yet, I believed them. I am reprogramming myself and my mind. I plan on having a more positive internal monologue. I refuse to believe in limitations. If I let those negative thoughts set in then there will always be an end of the road. I never want to stop growing and learning.

Now, I must think about all the dreams I have and start to achieve them one by one. Once I realized it wasn’t a race it became obvious anything was possible.

Today I want to inspire just one person to believe anything is possible. I hope it’s you.

It’s funny what a cup of tea and watching Top Gun can do. On that note, Coconut Cabana pairs quite well with the movie and unlocking hidden truths. Coconut Cabana

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Source: The Tea Spot
Flavor: Fresh, slightly green, subtly sweet, obviously creamy, and soothing.

Check out the beautiful set up.  Aesthetics can make such a difference.

Coconut Cabana Setup

Now the gorgeous leaves.

Coconut Cabana Leaves

Teaware: Teaware.House

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