New Year, New Me, Keeping Accountable

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I know the chances are slim this post will get the type of traffic my tea posts would get and that is just fine.  This one is for me.  Years from now or perhaps later this year I can look back and see how I’ve kept myself accountable for the plans I have made.  Of course my plans are within their rights to change along the way.  If organically I have changed, my plans may do the same.  I will consider myself successful if the spirit of my original goal was accomplished.  Note these are not by any means “New Years Resolutions.”  The list I create here are just plans I wish to keep record of to help guide me my through my journey this 2016.  I need to document things to help keep organized.  My brain is already reaching maximum storage capacity.  I could use an upgrade but until then this will have to do.

2016 Plans

Drink a lot more tea

Write more on my blog about all topics I’m passionate about.  Of course tea, foodie exploits, recipes, experiments, and fitness/nutrition.

Stop Obsessing Over My Weight (Specifically My Scale)

Spend Less Time On Devices and Social Media

Explore Cooking More with New Ingredients

Keep Challenging Myself Physically (Consistently Go To The Gym, Try More Group Fitness Classes, Try More Outdoor Exercises, Get Back Into Kyuki-Do Martial Arts)

Do More With My Kids

Get Out Of My Comfort Zone Sometimes and Have Adventures 

Watch Less TV and Read More

More “Me” Time

Express Myself Better (Share My Feelings Better)

Better Myself (Education, Meditation, Build Stronger Relationship With Myself, Self Reflection)

Accept Compliments

Give More Compliments

Raise My Voice Less

Communicate Better

Congratulate Myself and Celebrate Personal Accomplishments

Cultivate Positive and Supportive Relationships

Dissolve Toxic and/or No Longer Relevant Relationships

Stop Criticizing Myself and Find Faults When I Should Feel Pride

Work Towards A 2nd Cash Year

Save More Money

Priority Goal: STOP Feeling Guilty About My Food Choices and Quantity Consumed. Trust Myself and My Choices.  Logic, Phyical, and Medical Health Prove My Choices Are Overall Great.  Occasional Treats Are Deserved and Will NOT Derail or Erase All My Hardwork and Progress.  This is an ongoing struggle. Some days are better than others.  Overall I do well but I want to get past some of the negative feelings I have regarding food.  Food is fuel and not the enemy.  I have a mild fear that one day I will gain all my weight back, maybe not all of it but more than I’d like.  I know I won’t but the irrational side also needs to realize this.

I know this seems like a ridiculously long list of items to work on but truly I don’t believe it is.  I don’t have to obsess over any of the points aforementioned but I do have to promise myself to try to work on each and everyone sometime.  Anyone that knows me would agree I have a “can do” attitude so I feel fairly confident I can work on these items.  I am happy to report that for the first time in about 15 years I didn’t have anything about losing weight.  I am happy where I am.  I truly am happy.  If I can feel happy about something I thought I had long lost hope for I then I now know I can do anything.

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