Adagio’s Waikato Zealong

Company Description:
The moderate climate of New Zealand and its unspoiled, lush green hills have proven to provide ideal growing conditions for tea, in particular oolong. Roasted at high temps, this Zealong oolong yields a smooth, complex cup.

The first infusion of our Masters Waikato Zealong is quietly toasty, with whispers of citrus fruit and floral notes – perhaps honeysuckle. The second infusion is a bit softer with buttery notes and honey-floral character. But don’t stop there – these leaves are cultivated to produce numerous infusions each to be admired for its nuances.

Review: Upon my first sip I was in heaven.  It is just as described.  There is an obvious wonderful buttery flavor to this cup.  You can taste the freshness with each sip. It has a nice deep flavor with an almost broth like body.  There is a definite slight toastiness but it is something you need to concentrate on just a bit.  It is worth the contemplation because once you find it all the various nuances it all just comes together and creates a most delicious cup.   I detected the floral notes in front but failed to notice the citrus.  Nevertheless, I could drink this everyday but for now it will just have to be a treat.

Rating: 10 of 10

Parameters: Roughly 1 teaspoon layered on the bottom of my yiking pot, 195º F, 4 minute steep.

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