Capital Teas Blog Sample Series #1-9

Image Provided By: CapitalTeas.comSouth Pacific – Image Provided By: Capital Teas
Over the next few weeks or less, depending on time of course I will be reviewing nine different teas I was so lucky to win from Capital Teas.

Some time ago Capital Teas held their first Twitter contest and the prize was $50 in loose teas of my choosing. Of course there is no way I would pass up on this opportunity and to my surprise I won, YAY!!! Thank you, Capital Teas!

As soon as I found out I was like a kid in a candy store. I went through their website page by page, link by link. I had such a difficult time deciding which of their delicious sounding teas I really wanted to try. Finally, with much contemplation I decided on what to order and checked out with much anticipation.

Below, is a list of the teas I ordered and as generous as Capital Teas already were they still sent me one additional free bag of tea along with my order. Thanks again, Capital Teas!

1. South Pacific – Black Tea
2. Blueberry Yogurt Rooibos
3. Cinnamon Roll Black
4. Gingerbread Rooibos
5. Butter Truffles – Black Tea
6. Almond Cream – Black Tea
7. Rose Congou – Black Tea
8. Irish Morning Rum Cream – Black Tea
9. Annapolis Treasures – Green Tea (FREE)

If you are interested in also sampling the same teas as posted above, I have created a marketplace post on Tea Trade for your convenience.

I will only have a limited number of sets available so claim yours before I sell out. Details below…

Available Sets: 5 (Includes all 9 teas in each set)
Quantity of Tea Per Sample: Minimum of 4 cups/servings
Cost: $15 per set
Shipping: $2 to the US and International will be considered by request only.
The Capital Teas Blog Sample Series can be purchased here…

It is a wonderful way to compare notes and a great way to try a nice sampling of teas offered by

Now on to the real reason we are here. My review of the very first of nine teas.

South Pacfic
The passion fruit and mango pieces in the black tea create a tropical island paradise in a cup.
Details Above Provided By:

Parameters: 1 Teaspoon, 4 Minute Steep Time, 208ºF Water Temperature

My Impressions:

Dry Leaf: The aroma is vivid and bold as are the wonderful colors within the bag. The scent is heavy with passion fruit and a touch of mango lingers behind. Also inside are beautiful large rose petals and speckles of cornflowers.

Wet Leaf: The scents all combine to almost create its own sort of being. The mango seems almost gone but maybe it just combined into the remaining smells.

Review: I found it be very tropical as advertised. The passion fruit is the strongest flavor present. The passion fruit tastes bright and juicy. The mango shows itself with adequate concentration. However, I would have liked the mango to have played a stronger roll. The aftertaste gives the floral aspect of the tea to show a bit more. However, overall I feel the floral additions worked more as a binding for the tea. I have a strong belief that this would be wonderful iced and maybe with a little sweetener. However, I never add anything to teas on most occasions and especially if it is my first time trying it. I prefer an untainted cup where I am allowed to taste its natural flavors on my palette.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10. I believe if it were iced the ranking would jump to 9. My score is based on two pieces of criteria. Personal impressions and accuracy based on ingredients and description of tea found on the company website.

Summary: By no means is this not a good tea. I found it to be wonderful and refreshing. I would recommend this to someone especially fond of fruity teas.

Stay tuned for my next review.

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