Taking A Risk On Something I Love

Over the past month I have been contemplating on if I want to take my love of tea to the next step and start selling tea? It has been a thought I had been laughingly considering for years but never really thought I would consider making into a reality. If you are wondering what the turning point was, it was the day I read about Tea Trade. When I first read about the concept I thought it was a wonderful idea and knew I wanted to be involved. I didn’t necessarily think of myself selling tea on the site but the idea did appeal to me. The idea of a location dedicated to all things tea just had to be a good thing right? I just couldn’t wait to read about tea, make new tea friends, maybe find new teas to add to my stash, what a fun place. So one day my husband and I were talking and thought wouldn’t it be fun if I could sell some of my excess tea? Sometimes I can be over zealous and purchase more than I could ever consume. With so much tea available out there I would get carried away and buy, buy, buy because I just had to try that new flavor or it is on sale or I enjoyed a particular tea and just had to stock up. I shopped for tea like a ravenous tea fiend for sometime but realized that had to stop. My hours were cut at work and money was getting tight so buying so much tea had to stop. As I was saying before I started to ramble my husband, Ralph and I started to talk and thought Tea Trade was a great opportunity to sell my excess and that maybe I could use that extra money on new teas or anything else for that matter. So with that said we gave it ago. It started out with two postings the Mystery Sample Pack and Customized Sample Pack and as they the rest was history. Within a day I sold my first sample package and the sales just kept coming. We started to think maybe this was for me, maybe this could be that blessing in disguise we have been looking for. I absolutely LOVE getting that next order and putting them together. It is the first thing I have ever done that doesn’t feel like work. I know I could do this forever but the question is should I? So much risk with the potential for so much reward or even loss.

I have $500 to invest and am trying to decide on if I take the next step or keep this simple as I have been and continue to sell my excess. If things go as well as they have been I would be a fool not to make a serious effort but on the other hand $500 is a lot when you already don’t have much. I am making my decision by next week. My husband supports any decision I make but I believe he wants me to throw caution to the wind and work on making my dreams come true. I need to think more. So much to consider before I can make such a serious decision. Wish me luck and tell me what you think I should do.

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