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Let me start by saying that I am thankful January is here, majority of the major holidays have been celebrated and my daughters birthday is behind us. I mention this because finally I will hopefully have more time to make, enjoy, and review all of my new teas and old favorites. One of my New Years resoltions was to make time for such activities and hope that this is the start of more to come.

Tonight (Yes, tonight…caffine rarely causes an adverse reaction for me no matter the time of day) I decided to sample Hong Jing Luo a black tea from thepuriTea, also known as Golden Bi Lou. thepuriTea happens to be a personal favorite tea company of mine so I was very excited to try this one.

Tea Name: Hong Jing Luo (Black Tea) – thepuriTea
Preperation: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Tea Leaves Used: 2 teaspoons to make 2 cups (For me and the hubby)
Water Amt: 500ml – Required minimum for the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
Water Temp: 212ºF
Steep Time: 3 mins – “Strong” setting on the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Results: The tea turned a lovely rich red rust, burgundy, with chocolate color. The leaves themselves were gorgeous in the bag. They were a lovely twisted deep brown leaf with golden strands. The flavor was lighter than expected. I was expecting a richer bolder flavor based on its appearance. I suppose that is why they say “don’t judge a book by its cover.” The characteristics that best describe this tea are listed below…
1. Lighter than expected but definitely can hold its own.
2. Obvious “dry wood” flavor as stated on the company description.
3. Ever so slightly sweet

Unfornately, I was unable to detect many of the other qualities and characteristics described on the company website I still did enjoy this tea. However, not as much as I have enjoyed other similar teas out there. Without a doubt it will be drank but I will not order more in the future only because I simply don’t need it. Please understand, it is a solid tea and I encourage you to try it. It is my growing palate that keeps me from enjoying this one as well today as I did the first time I tired it a year ago. To someone that tries this type of tea for the first time or has even tried a few similar types would more than likely rave about it. However, I am not your typical tea drinker and more varieties of teas have passed these lips then most average tea drinkers will never experience. So it may be that I am a touch more overly critical than your average tea drinker. A case of… “I know too much.” It is my own experience and exposure to tea that has forced me to under appreciate this cuppa.

Score: 3.5 of 5

Edited: 1/7/2012

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