Month: April 2013

Golden Fleece Feast Fest

Oh My! I Need My “Golden Fleece”? The feeling of being enveloped by the soothing comfort of my “Golden Fleece” has kept me wanting.  Its rich honey like flavor and bakey properties has often gripped my thoughts.  Wanting and waiting for my next cup.  Though this isn’t your everyday cup.  Restraint only makes you appreciate and crave it more and… Read more →

Now Serving #2

Now Serving #2 (A Near Tea-Free Post)   I am not sure how else to say this but… “I’m Pregnant!”  We have kept this information secret long enough and want to share with all of our friends online this amazing news. Many of you may not know this but our now six-year-old daughter was conceived through in-vitro-fertilization or in other… Read more →

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