Golden Fleece Feast Fest

Golden Fleece

Oh My! I Need My “Golden Fleece”?

The feeling of being enveloped by the soothing comfort of my “Golden Fleece” has kept me wanting.  Its rich honey like flavor and bakey properties has often gripped my thoughts.  Wanting and waiting for my next cup.  Though this isn’t your everyday cup.  Restraint only makes you appreciate and crave it more and only then do you experience a level of satisfaction-unsurpassed imagination when you take your first sip.  Don’t even get me started on the physical attraction I have for this tea.  Its long slender leaf with golden downy locks made me reach right into the bag.  Touching the leaves was amazing.  Soft, silky, and fuzzy, you just want to cuddle it.

ThisGolden Fleece tea god or goddess was everything and more and the best part was being able to share it and my experiences with friends.

Tuesday night I, along with Nicole @TeaForMePlease, Jo @Jopj, Geoffrey @lazyliteratus, Jackie @Jackie, and Darlene @TeaArchives enjoyed a night of Golden Fleece, conversation, and good times via Google+ Hangout.  With each of us all over the country it was our passion for tea and technology uniting us.  We had a wonderful time discussing our impressions of the tea and the method in which we prepared our brew.

I used a petite Yixing teapot that I packed with tea and then poured hot water.  Waited about thirty seconds and poured a stream of rich golden liqueur into two tiny Yixing teacups for my husband and me.  That thirty seconds felt like forever but at least it was worth the wait.

Being able to enjoy this cup at the same time as my other tea-swilling friends was the highlight of the night.  Many of us who rarely eat while on Google+ Hangouts even added special snacks to our personal menus.  Most notable was Jo who had gone out of her way and picked up some amazing looking macaroons in anticipation of this hangout.  I had delicious coconut cookies I picked up from Trader Joes.  They were absolutely amazing.

After such a successful hangout we have decided to do more.  We will cover different teas each time.  Group reviewing teas and talking about them from the comfort of our own homes is such a wonderful and relaxing experience.  I am sure being there in person would be the only thing that would top the experience.


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