2015 The Future – Yes! There Will Be Tea

Yes I know it has been some time since I have blogged but rest assured there is still tea and plenty of it in my life. First let me catch you up on a few things…

1. I am now proud mother of a 14 near 15 month old. Can’t believe how much time has passed.
2. My first born is on the verge of turning 8 years old in just a few days.
3. Husband is just as amazing as always if not more and we will be celebrating 18 years in just a few weeks. I love you more than you know sweetie.
4. Focus is still on family, tea, and creating.
5. More focus on discussing tea this 2015.

Though I haven’t been blogging about tea recently I have been posting pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and I finally gave in and created a personal Facebook page (peer pressure). I will continue spread tea love via social media and blog more in 2015.

Plans for iHeartTeas.com
I am still creating for iHeartTeas.com but in less capacity. I have learned this past year that I am far more interested in the creative process and less with the logistics of running a business. Therefore I am sticking with limited edition products only. They will continue to be offered through my site on Etsy. Creating has always been a therapeutic outlet for me, one I can’t give up. I have made so many wonderful products that I couldn’t possibly keep them all to myself so I will be making them available on my site in limited quantity only. This will not apply to select regularly offered tea blends. Most limited items will be in the bath and beauty section. I hope you try some of my creations if you haven’t already.

Personal Goals
Anyone that knows me will agree that I am a family first kind of gal. That has not change and will not change. However, I will add that late last year I took my health into my own hands and made some rather huge changes in my life. One day I will share all the details but today I want to promise to myself with you all as my witnesses that I continue to make “me” a priority. For many years I put everyone else first. I realize now that putting myself on the list priorities has made me a better mother, wife, and happier all around.

To Come In 2015
You are likely to hear more about my fitness goals, inspirations, different recipes that help me reach weight loss goals, fun tea recipes I have incorporated into my diet, personal achievements, my daily goings on, and a few family memories I am sure to collect over the year. Beyond that I plan on writing about various teas I have had, want to have, tea accessories I have collected and dream to have one day. I will still talk about my favorite tea retailers and share pictures of how I enjoy this obsession of mine. This year I want to reconnect with all my tea friends, chat tea, and share stories. I hope you all join me.

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, this year will be about tea as it applies to my life. Improving overall physical and emotional health, be an inspiration for others, especially my kids. Since the beginning of August 2014 until now I have lost nearly 60 lbs. The journey was difficult and far from over but truly life altering. I am a level of happiness I have never been and I want for everyone I care about to feel what I feel. This year will be about making the most out of life, about keeping that momentum going. It’s going to be about spreading that drive and love to others, doing good in the world, being charitable, helping, volunteering, being a role model. Bottomline being the person I want my kids to grow up to be. First step, be proud of who I am and what I do. The rest will fall into place.

Happy New Years my friends! I wish you all the best and encourage you to do your very best this year.

P.S. Look at me now!
Before and After

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