Don’t Blame The Tea

Don’t  Blame The Tea

If traveling has taught me anything about tea is that it nearly ever tastes as it does at home. Sometimes it comes close but most usually it doesn’t hold candle to the flavor at home. It is important for this very reason we don’t judge a tea by its geography.

You must be curious why. It’s simple. When you think about tea it is only fifty percent of the equation. The other half is water. Water plays a huge role in the flavor of your tea as does temperature. Though from my experience if you’re a tiny bit off on temperature you will likely still be alright with flavor. However, water…forget it! Tap water will change it entirely as will natural spring water, or distilled water. I highly suggest an experiment where the one constant is the tea you drink. Make the same cup multiple times using the same perimeters but different water source each time. The difference may shock you. Ask yourself this question. Have you ever tried a cup of tea for the first time, loved it, bought it, but then could never replicate the flavor at home? Even after taking extreme measures in keeping with the steeping directions given? Water could be your “X” factor.

Truth be told the same applies to coffee, if you’re so inclined. So next time don’t blame the tea because if anything it’s likely your water.

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