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Tea Blending Sisters Feature

In case you missed it iHeartTeas was featured in the Tea Blending Sisters blog. Check it out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thoughts On Tea Blending Special thanks to the folks at Tea Blending Sisters for asking me to guest write on your blog. Read more →

January 2015 Tea Focus – Straight Tea

I enjoy my occasional flavored tea. Heck, I blend them all the time for all my friends, family, and customers over on iHeartTeas.com though when it comes to my personal palette I tend to lean towards “straight” teas. I know what you’re thinking. “If you dig the straight teas, why do you blend flavored teas?” Great question and the simple… Read more →

A Blog With No Pictures

A Blog With No Pictures Why Passion Isn’t Enough You pour your heart and soul into what you love and hope others love what you do even a fraction as much you.  Of course you have those select few that provide support and guidance.  The ones that love you and by extension what you do.   What I am talking about… Read more →

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