thepuriTea Cold Brewed Series #1 of 5

As promised I would like to review a tea I cold brewed from thepuriTea. I plan on reviewing one a day and write a review of each via this blog. I prepared my sample using the “Cold Brew Method” I posted on this blog. Here goes…

Tea Name: Emerald Needle

Tea Company: thepuriTea

Tea Notes: My initial reaction was surprise then excitement. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I almost assumed I wasn’t going to be a fan. I thought maybe it would taste alright but not like this. My assumptions are based on my previous experiences and taste perferences and I absolutely love it when I am wrong. Every once in a special while I am surprised and that is one of my favorite things about tea. You just never know, so you try, try, try and do so with an open mind. The Emerald Needle is not only gorgeous to look at but also wonderful to drink. It is vegetal, just slightly earthy but not like dirt. The best part was the hint of sweetness detected at the end. It even had a very faint nearly undetectable touch of creamy nuttiness. A lovely surprise that I will need to repeat again. If you have the chance try this tea. It is so worth it.

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