thepuriTea Cold Brewed Series #2 of 5 – Jasmine Golden Yunnan

Today I will be reviewing the second of five teas I have cold brewed from thepuriTea. I am especially excited about this one as I have enjoyed this one hot and really was curious on the results cold brewed.

Tea Name: Jasmine Golden Yunnan

Tea Company: thepuriTea

Hot, this tea had a good body with a hint of jasmine. The Golden Yunnan base gave it a more defined character than that of a traditional green tea base we are more accustomed to drinking. For me this is a wonderful and welcomed change from the typical.

Cold brewed, this tea took on a whole new character. The jasmine here is very pronounced. I mean it is loud, proud, and in charge. The flavor actually put the Golden Yunnan in the back seat, a place I am sure it is not accustomed to being. It works for this tea. I enjoy being able to experience two very different flavor profiles from one tea. The idea that a tea can be so versatile is an attractive prospect and will have me coming back for more. I must add there is a obvious presence of sweetness that comes through naturally. I can appreciate this as in most case I never add anything in my tea. I would say that this tea would make an excellent addition to anyone’s tea cupboard.

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