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Today I am reviewing a Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea that was so kindly provided to me by Teavivre.  Haven’t been wowed by many Jasmine teas in the past and I think the biggest reason is the artificial feel to the cup.  Often times too much Jasmine makes it into the cup creating a strong perfume like flavor which is amazingly obvious.  I was pleasantly surprised with this cup and hope the same positive words can be said for the remaining samples I have yet to make.  This would be my second tea I have tasted from Teavivre.  Both have helped me to regain hope that one day you can find a good cup of tea especially in a varietal that you thought you never would.

After allowing the tea to cool slightly I have come up a great personal association for it… a cup you can enjoy in a meadow full of blooming flowers in a peaceful spot with the sun warming your skin and a calm breeze bringing you peace.

Score: 4 of 5


Thanks for watching. As you can see I am still in he experimental state with these videos.  I appreciate your support during my growth with this process.

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Hi, my name is Rachana Rachel Carter.I am a long time tea addict, foodie, and wine enthusiast. Along with all my passions at the core I am a huge health and fitness advocate.Plus a bit of a geek and as crafty as can be.
When I am not running after the kids, managing the household, and homeschooling my oldest I enjoy blogging about my passions and how it applies to my life.

Thank you for reading!
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    Jackie says:

    Promises, promises Rachel 😉 Nice review though. I liked seeing the packaging because it impacts the tea experience. The production details were a nice touch. I agree with you, that the cup makes a difference. Not sure why I think it affects the taste but to me it does.

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      iheartteas says:

      Thank you. I really will get in front but that means I need someone else to manage the camera and I need to look presentable. One those things come into effect I will. Right now I am using my iPhone making everything a one handed adventure.

      Hope your day is going well. We are preparing for a huge snow storm. Lucky me gets to go to work today. We’re expecting 4 to 7 inches.

  2. tea ollie says:

    Say there have you compared teas the old fashion way vs the breville tea maker xB TM800 xl ?
    We would to see you compare a light green ..say a Japanese green using the tea maker vs the old fashion way hot water & pot .

    I Have one of these tea makers and we always notice a “chemical taste” to our tea ,, particularly the more delicate varieties ie green , white and most good oolongs.

    We also tried chlorinated water from the tap as well as filtered water ,,, filtered water appeared to make some difference , but we could still easily taste the ” chemical”

    In further observation there is a large silicon gasket separating the glass carafe section to the metallic base of this tea maker. As a result of the silicon contact with the hot water & tea we suspect that’s where the funny taste originates from ??

    has anyone else found this to be true ?

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