White Peony Tea (Bai MuDan) – Teavivre

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Today I tried my first of many tea samples I received so generously from Teavivre. I decided to give this one a try first but not for your typical reasons. There are those that eat dessert first and those that wait patiently after the main course. Even those that eat what they dislike most because your mom says you must eat it, afterall it’s good for you. In my case, I am having this first because historically I am a bit unimpressed with white teas. Basically I can live without them. All things considered, I will however try new white teas in hopes that maybe this time it will be different. I have enjoyed some in the past but it is rare and far in between and still not enough to keep any white teas permenately in my private stock. Before reviewing this tea I just wanted everyone to understand my history regarding white teas.

Tea: White Peony Tea (Bai MuDan)

Tea Company: Teavivre

1st Steep: Water Temp – 195ºF Steep Time – 2:30 mins
2nd Steep: Water Temp – 185ºF Steep Time – 3:00 mins

1st Steep: Upon my first sip; fresh from the pot, I honestly didn’t taste much. Once the liquid started to cool the flavors started to present themselves but you could swear they were trying their best to evade my tastebuds. So I rested my cup on the table and continued to pack away all the Christmas decoration all the while giving it a chance to further cool. After adequate time elasped I took yet another sip, then another, and yet again another and finally I could taste the ever so subtle flavors in my cup. They would first sneak up on me one by one and they finally like a choir all in concert playing well together. Still it was missing that “wow” factor for me. I tasted a light floral almost perfume like after taste and an almost paper like taste in the majority of the sip. I attempted another steep hoping for better results.

2nd Steep: Much better. I got a more distinct flavor profile this time. Of course it is still light in flavor, as expected of any white tea. However, this time there was a stronger more distint taste of dry paper. The floral aspect was also there but even more perfume like in nature. As it cooled it was nicer and I suspect it will taste refreshing as a cold brewed tea.

Overall Score: 3 of 5 – Pretty impressive for a gal who typically doesn’t think very much of white teas. Impressive indeed.

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