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Calorie Friendly Tea Cocktail

Imagine a delicious tea cocktail. Now imagine a delicious tea cocktail low in calories. I have finally succeeded in finding a great delicious combination of liquor and tea concentrate that won’t have you dashing for the treatmill.

1960 Veev Tea Cocktail


The 1960 Veev Tea Cocktail

– ½ oz 1960 Black Tea Lemon Juice and Cane Sugar Tea ConcentrateFinest Kind Tea 45 calories

– 1 ½ oz Veev Acai Liqueur 90 calories

– Splash of water

– Ice

Total Calories: 135

Grab a jar throw in some ice, tea concentrate, and Veev. Shake it up and pour into a martini glass or enjoy it straight out of the jar. I often use a small Ball Jar.

Keep your summer fun and your calories low. Veev makes for a wonderful vodka replacement. Try it with some of your other favorite vodka cocktails. There is now a newer version available that is 70 proof instead of 60 proof like the original. I haven’t tried it nor do I have nutritional information. However, if I decide to give it a try I will be sure to post my results along with an other tea cocktail recipe I am working on… Coconut Matcha & Veev On The Rocks (Shaken Not Stirred)

Drink Responsibly!

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