Tipu’s Chai Test Market Case – My Results

I was so excited when I got my package yesterday from Tipu’s Chai. Included were two gold colored individual packages and a postcard to report back my results. On each package there read…”Sample A” and “Sample B.” It was a blind taste for a new all inclusive chai where all you have to do is empty the contents and add 8oz of hot water. I found this all to be very similar to the Starbucks VIA with the exception that included in each packet is chai, powered soy milk, and sweetener which is now making it even easier for one to have authentic style Indian chai on the go. I can definitely see this as being a very exciting thing. Below are my impressions…

Sample “A”

Review: Initial reaction I found this to be sweet very SWEET too sweet. The spice is amazing, authentic, well blended, and bold. I got the sense the spices were milled just prior to being put into the package thus preserving freshness. A very good thing indeed. While sipping I was getting granules of spices on my tongue which I wasn’t to keen on but understand it can be a part of chai depending on how it is made. Nevertheless, if I were a picky person; and I can be at times, it just wasn’t something I was fond of. Once it cooled I was enjoying how creamy it was and just how authentic in flavor it was.

Cons (Bad News First): Too sweet and the spices could have been blended a bit finer. Plus, it was very spicy at some points so as a result not very consistent with flavor.

Pros: Very creamy, the sweetness does start to grow on you but would very much like a sugar free version. The spices were fresh and bold. A great tea for everyday authentic style tea. This chai hit the nail on the head with accuracy in flavor and spice. I great daily cup and very warming.

Sample “B”

Review: Well balanced, smooth, and creamy. This sample was no where near as sweet as the first and the spices were more finely ground and less spicy. If there were ever a perfectly balanced cup of sweet, bold, and spicy chai this is it. I got the impression that there must have been maticulas calculations done and a lot of testing to ensure everything was perfectly measured. Clearly, a lot of work went into this blend. Sample “B” also included powered soy milk and sweetener but clearly proportioned differently than Sample “A”. If anything stood out the most in this blend is the sheer smooth creaminess. Sample “B” tasted more like a half brevé chai latté. A delicious treat when you want something more decadent. I would not have this as an everyday chai it would be a sin. This was like a trip to Starbucks without ever leaving the house and “Oh, wait…and tastes WAY better.

Cons (Bad News First): Not as bold as a chai should be and as a result not as authentic. It is a little more commercial and probably would appeal more to a wider audience as a result. I would call it more the essence of an authentic chai or perhaps a starter chai.

Pros: It is absolutely the creamiest chai I have ever had. I love that the spices blended very well with the water. The perfect amount of sweeteness and perhaps a great dessert tea. Yummy!

Summary: Now the question is which do I prefer? On my post card I selected “Sample B” and that is only by the tinest hair. I enjoyed both very much and felt both served a purpose. I would probably drink “Sample A” once a day because it was made perfectly as an everyday chai. However, I loved how decedent and out of the ordinary “Sample B” was and would drink that when I felt I deserved a little treat or just wanted to be bad. Lastly, in honesty I can’t have either because I am in an unfortunate situation where I must control my sugar intake. With that said if there was a sugar free version I would be very likely to purchase both and keep them in my regular stash. Until then I would very sparingly drink the ones I sampled if both were to come available. Either way both would make a wonderful addition to Tipu’s Chai.

Thank you Tipu’s Chai for giving me this opportunity. It was all so very delicious!

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