What Would You Do?

So as it turns out there is a person out there with the name Tea Geek and as some of you know I have recently started a website called TeaGeeks. The differences are of course one website is “.net” and mine is “.com” and I have a “s” on the end of my name and he doesn’t. I found out about this other person and site once my last blog post went out. I was then notified by a few people that I know and also knows the other site. Before then I had no idea this other site even exsisted and once I went to the site noticed it was a place where you can sign up to receive newsletters. I thought to myself this is clearly different than what I was doing. I admit it did kind of stink that there was someone else out there with a similar name but I thought I would just let it go. I even reached out to the owner of the other site to at least say “Hi” and how it is so funny our names are so similar. Here I thought I had an original idea. I was thinking of that name for a long time. I was excited when I saw the domain name was available. Nevertheless, I get the feeling the other person is upset with me and may have the idea that I stole something from him. I might be wrong and hope I am. For one thing I didn’t steal anything he still has his site and I have mine. It just so happens they are similar. On the other hand I don’t want anyone to think ill of me. For me to steal anything would be a terrible way to start a business and even if I tried would be noticed in our tightly knit community, as was proven here. If any feelings were hurt I will apologize. Unfortunately, my excitement is now tainted and I really don’t want anyone upset with me. I also know I can’t make everyone happy. So hoping that everyone knows that I am not a malicious person maybe just a clueless one from time to time so I need to ask what would you do? I can look into keeping TeaGeeks or I already have another domain name I am not using which I like as well called IHeartTeas. I love both names, clearly I liked the first a bit better. So would you keep the original name or would you change it? This is the best time to make changes since I haven’t really done much on the side of business yet. I have only sold teas from my personal stash. Any thoughts? I would just hate this to be an issue for anyone. Tea=Love and that is how I would like to keep it.

Please help me! Thank you!

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