Breaking A Hard Habit

As so many of you already know I am have been cold brewing a lot of my teas lately and it isn’t just because it is hot around here but in fact there is another core reason I have yet to share. It seems I have a problem… I am addicted to Adagio’s Green Anteadote RTD bottles. I have been for years and the reason is primarily for the convenience plus no sugar. I don’t like sugar in my tea or milk for that matter. The only exception is chai as it is only properly made if with milk and sugar in my opinion plus that is how I was brought up. So about this addiction that I am finally admitting to is something I am trying to either kick or curb. My reason is mostly expense among other things not worth mentioning, As many others other I am trying to manage my budget and trying to limit things that are maybe considered nonessential. I have been wanting to do this for years and now is when I have finally been able to make some headway. I have made so many new cold brewed concoctions of culinary delight that I am now completely out of Anteadote and relying on just my bottled brews. So far so good but the temptation of placing an order is still there. The ease of reaching into the fridge for an easy fix is still in me. I hope I can get past this soon I will be saving my wallet and my myself from unnecessary desires. Maybe in the future, once I finally kick this habit I can be in a place where my cold brew teas and Anteadote bottled teas can live in together and share the same space in the refrigerator without favoritism. Until then I will be sharing my review of teas I have been brewing so you too can join me on my adventure to quit. Most of what I am experimenting will also be made available on to purchase if you care to try your hand cold brewing as well.

My reviews will be posted here on Tea Trade and Steepster. I have another blog on Tea Trade dedicated to tea reviews called Rachel’s Tea Cupboard – Tea Reviews where you will be able to follow my journey. I need your support and thank you in advance.

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  1. In case you are wondering which bottled tea I am referring to here yo go…

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